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The companion keyrings collection is a set of souvenirs that can only be received as loot from various ghosts in region 3 Strathclyde.


The souvenirs that are part of the companion keyrings collection are:

Souvenir Region found Specific locations Ghost
Hamster keyring Strathclyde Count Church Viking ghost
Techno viking ghost
Kitty keyring Strathclyde Castle McDonohan Fail ghost
Epic fail ghost
Pony keyring Strathclyde Castle McDonohan
Count Church
Noisy poltergeist
Puppy keyring Strathclyde Castle McDonohan Astroghost
Floating astroghost
Bunny keyring Strathclyde Wellsington Tower
Dormont Cemetery
Tourist ghost
Annoying tourist ghost*
* = The Annoying tourist ghost can only be captured in Dormont Cemetery.

Collection bonus

Complete the companion keyrings collection and you will receive:

  • +2% GBP (£££) for every ghost you catch.

Individual souvenirs

Souvenirs-Hamster keyring.png

Hamster keyring

The hamster keyring souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Kitty keyring.png

Kitty keyring

The kitty keyring souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Pony keyring.png

Pony keyring

The pony keyring souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Puppy keyring.png

Puppy keyring

The puppy keyring souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Bunny keyring.png

Bunny keyring

The bunny keyring souvenir can only be obtained from:


  • 18 October 2010: The companion keyrings collection was added to Ghost Trappers.

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