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Companion gifts



Companion gifts are small items that show your companion how much you love them. Companion gifts can only be given to a companion that has reached level 5.

Most companion gifts are occasionally dropped as loot by different ghosts and in different locations (shown in the table below). Some gifts can be acquired as assist loot or from lots of different ghosts, depending on your trap setup and the ghost's vulnerabilities (through hidden treasures).

Gift groupings

The companion gifts fall into six different groupings (shown in the table below), and each group is loved (gives 35 to 60 affection points), liked (gives 5 to 30 affection points), or ignored (0 points) by each companion.

Which item in each group gives the most and least points for which companion? We've got you covered for that info too!

Giving to the companion

GUI-Presents button.png

The Presents button

When you have a level 5 companion active, you can click on the Inventory Blue arrow right.png Companions Blue arrow right.png Presents button below your companion's image on the companion page of your inventory.

GUI-Give presents button.png

That will bring up a screen showing you all of the gifts you have in your inventory where you can select a gift and then click the Give presents button.

Once you have given a gift to the companion, you will see (if successful) the companion love adding to its fill and a message similar to the one shown below.

GUI-Partial love bar.png       GUI-Love bar acknowledgement.png

One gift at a time

You can only give your companion one gift at a time. You cannot offer multiple diamonds, for example. (This is a good reason to offer gifts to your companion periodically!)

GUI-Love bar full.png

Companion love bar

The companion love bar shows your progress towards receiving complete love from your companion. When your companion loves you back 100%, you gain the ability to add a fourth augmentation slot for that companion.

How many points?

It takes 3,000 affection points to fill a companion love bar.


Gift Category Location Sources
Companion gifts-Aquatic.jpg     Aquatic
Fragrances Wellsington Tower (ghost maiden only)
Castle McDonohan (Grandma ghost only)
Dormont Cemetery (Grandma ghost & Ghost maiden)
Glenclose mine
Olympic stadium (Hammerthrow ghost)
Ghost maiden
Grandma ghost
Relative physicist ghost
Hammerthrow ghost
Companion gifts-Ball.jpg     Ball
Toys Hidden treasures
Companion gifts-Smaragd.jpg     Beryll
Gems Scarwood forest (Druid ghost only)
Castle McKenny & Loch muir (Gothic ghost only) <br/. Glenclose mine (Farrier ghost only)
Druid ghost
Gothic ghost
Farrier ghost
Companion gifts-Bracelet.jpg     Bracelet
Bling All non-raiding locations

Crows Hill (all three levels)
Lady Catherine (Vampire)
Euoplocephalus ghost (Dino monster)

Trollface ghost
Companion gifts-Bricks.jpg     Bricks
Toys Castle McCloud & Loch Trool (Psycho ghost only)

Duke Leyton Pinnacle (Judge ghost)
Glenluck Abbey (both Psycho ghost & Buckingham ghost)
Duke Leyton Library & Duke Leyton Pinnacle (Fire brigadeer ghost)
Kirkyard (Speeding stagecoach driver)
Glenclose mine

Buckingham ghost
Psycho ghost
Fire brigadeer ghost
Judge ghost
Speeding stagecoach driver
Collier ghost
Companion gifts-Gum.jpg     Bubblegum
Sweets Castle McWallace & Kilwittig House (Bobby ghost)
Castle McDonohan (Noisy & raking poltergeists)
Sternham Castle (Cowboy ghost)
Dreadmoor (Fisherman ghost)
Bobby ghost
Noisy poltergeist
Raking poltergeist
Cowboy ghost
Fisherman ghost
Companion gifts-Carnation.jpg     Carnation
Flowers Kilwittig House & Loch Muir (Ghostwriter)
Show room (Eddie ghost)
Glenclose mine
Eddie ghost
Wanted loom ghost
Companion gifts-Chocolate.jpg     Chocolate
Sweets All non-raiding locations Manticore (Ghost monster)
Sid the vicious (Vampire)
Companion gifts-Chypre.jpg     Chypre
Fragrances Assist loot
Companion gifts-Cupcake.jpg     Cupcake
Sweets Assist loot
Companion gifts-Daisies.jpg     Daisy
Flowers Castle McCloud & Loch Trool (Executioner ghost)
Loch Trool & Glenluck Abbey (Hamlet ghost)
Duke Leyton Castle & Duke Leyton Library (Mrs Spooky)
Kirkyard Morgue & Kirkyard Crypt (Voodoo ghost only)
Crows Hills medical station (Nurse ghost)
Glenclose mine
Executioner ghost
Hamlet ghost
Mrs Spooky
Voodoo ghost
Nurse ghost
Gameskeeper ghost
Companion gifts-Diamond.jpg     Diamond
Gems Castle McCloud and Loch Trool (Butler ghost only)
Glenluck Abbey & Castle McDougan (Temptress ghost & Vain temptress ghost)
Kirkyard Cemetery (Archaeologist ghost only)
Duke Leyton Castle & Library (Glasgow rangers ghost only)
Glenclose village
Butler ghost
Temptress ghost
Vain temptress ghost
Archaeologist ghost
Glasgow rangers ghost
Triumphant tennis ghost
Companion gifts-Donut.jpg     Donut
Sweets Castle McDonohan
Count Church
Slime ghost
Companion gifts-Earrings.jpg     Earrings

Graymalkin castle
Assist loot

Big bad wolf
Companion gifts-Emerald.jpg     Emerald
Gems Glenluck Abbey & Castle McDougan(Preaching angel ghost only)
McDougan gamemaster room (Bishop ghost only)
The lost island (Dimetrodus ghost only)
Elemental cave (Tempest ghost only)
Glenclose village
Preaching angel ghost
Bishop ghost
Dimetrodus ghost
Tempest ghost
Designer ghost
Companion gifts-Fougere.jpg     Fougere
Fragrances Glenclose village

All non-raiding locations
Cautious mailman ghost

Count Malcolm (Vampire)
Volcano ghostlem (Elemental monster)
Companion gifts-Gourmand.jpg     Gourmand
Fragrances Castle McKenny
Glenclose village
Samurai ghost
Late mailman ghost
Companion gifts-Jelly beans.jpg     Jelly beans
Sweets Werewolf den
Glenclose village
Packmaster werewolf
Brave archer ghost
Companion gifts-Lavender.jpg     Lavender
Flowers All non-raiding locations Triceratops ghost (Dino monster)
Companion gifts-Lollipop.jpg     Lollipop
Sweets Castle McCloud & Loch Trool (Spooky ghost only)
Castle McDougan (Angel ghost only)
Kirkyard Crypt (Ghostlem only)
Crows Hills sanatorium & medical station (Poker ghost only)
Crows Hills high security section & Sternham Castle (Joker ghost only)
Glenclose mine
Angel ghost
Joker ghost
Spooky ghost
Poker ghost
Highland dancer ghost
Companion gifts-Necklace.jpg     Necklace
Bling Show room
Glenclose mine
Brad ghost
Loom ghost
Companion gifts-Opal.jpg     Opal
Gems Castle McWallace
Dormont Cemetery
Glenclose village
Visible invisible ghost
Monk ghost
Suburban ghost
Companion gifts-Oriental.jpg     Oriental
Fragrances Elemental cave (Dust ghost only)
Kilwittig Theatre (Tinman ghost only)
Scarwood forest (Retired barbarian ghost only)
Glenclose village
Dust ghost
Tinman ghost
Retired barbarian ghost
Embezzling banker ghost
Companion gifts-Puzzle.jpg     Puzzle
Toys Elemental cave (Ember ghost only)
Egyptian exhibition (Mummy ghost only)
Sunken ship (Cannoneer ghost only)
Glenclose village
Ember ghost
Mummy ghost
Cannoneer ghost
Bad teacher ghost
Companion gifts-Rose.jpg     Roses

Glenclose village
Hidden treasures

Gangnam ghost
Companion gifts-Ruby.jpg     Ruby

Glenclose village
Hidden treasures

Pet shop ghost
Companion gifts-Sapphire.jpg     Sapphire
Gems Sternham castle & Show room (Trapper ghost)
Glenclose mine

All non-raiding locations
Trapper ghost
Ghillie ghost

Pegasus (Ghost monster)
Geomancer ghostlem (Elemental monster)
Lord Maxwell (Vampire)
Companion gifts-Scarf.jpg     Scarf
Bling Wellsington Tower
Glenclose mine
Looong ghost
Coal master ghost
Companion gifts-Sport.jpg     Sport fragrance
Fragrances Matrix ghost
Devil ghost
Stagecoach ghost
Hippie ghost
Companion gifts-Animal.jpg     Stuffed animal
Toys Scarwood forest (Shepherd ghost only)
Dreadmoor (Blogger ghost only)
Castle McWallace, Kilwittig House, Loch Muir (Master of disguise only)
Graymalkin castle
Shepherd ghost
Blogger ghost
Master of disguise
Modern red riding hood ghost
Companion gifts-Tie.jpg     Tie
Bling Ghost rock concert
Glenclose village
Bass ghost
Knotted yoga ghost
Companion gifts-Tin soldier.jpg     Tin soldier
Toys All non-raiding locations Grey dragon earl (Ghost monster)
Nautic ghostlem (Elemental monster)
Companion gifts-Toy car.jpg     Toy car
Toys Poltergeist
Grandpa ghost
Companion gifts-Tulip.jpg     Tulip
Flowers Sunken Ship (Seahorse Cavalry ghost only)
Lost island (Velociraptor ghost only)
Glenclose village
Seahorse Cavalry ghost
Velociraptor ghost
Heartbeat ghost
Companion gifts-Violet.jpg     Violet
Flowers Dormont Cemetery Illusionist ghost
Companion gifts-Watch.jpg     Watch
Bling Ghost robot
Italian chef ghost
Voodoo ghost
Electric ghost
Vampire ghost
Knotted yoga ghost
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Location-based index

Ghost Castle McCloud Loch Trool Glenluck Abbey Castle McDougan Castle McWallace Kilwittig House Loch Muir Castle McKenny Wellsington tower Dormont Cemetery Castle McDonohan Count Church
Electric ghost zzz Watch
zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz
Grandpa ghost zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Toy car
Toy car
Illusionist ghost zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Violet
zzz zzz
Looong ghost zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Scarf
zzz zzz zzz
Master of disguise zzz zzz zzz zzz Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz
Monk ghost zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Opal
zzz zzz
Poltergeist zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Toy car
Toy car
Toy car
Toy car
Quetzaghostl zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Donut
Slime ghost zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz Donut
Vampire ghost zzz Watch
zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz


  • 17 April 2012: Companion gifts were introduced.

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