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A number of Facebook and non-Facebook groups related to Ghost Trappers have been created to provide help for players, to host contests and giveaways, and more. Below are brief descriptions of all such known groups and links to their respective pages. For more information on a particular group, please follow their links.

Groups that would like to be added to this list, please use the Google form to submit your group's information to the wiki team.

GT Chat

Name and link Description
GTCHAT The GT chatroom is an awesome place to wait out your hunt cooldown, or to look for real-time advice or answers to questions.

Make new friends, enter a competition and have a few laughs. The people on GTCHAT are very sociable and will help everybody ... there are regular giveaways too!

Ghost monster assistance

Name & link Description
Fun n Games with Ghosts This is a fun group created to enhance your ghost trapping experience. We encourage you to make friends, chat, participate in activities and comps and most of all to have FUN!
Ghost Trappers - Ghost Monster Assistance Need help with your Ghost Monsters? Then you've come to the right place!
GT Ghost Monster Assistance We are here to help Ghost Trappers players get the assistance they need to finish catching those pesky ghost monsters.
Ghost Trappers Quick Ghost Monster Assisters Got problem with a Ghost Monster?

Well, we're a group for people to team up and call for help so we can eliminate the ghost monster quickly!

Power boost groups

Name & link Description
Ghost trappers POWER Boost Group This group provides a quick and easy way to get your raw and mystic boost clicks done with a friendly community helping each other out.

Contact information

Name & link Description
Diviad Ghost Trappers developers
Elaine Brennan GT moderator
Shannon Heenan GT moderator

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