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Chrono crystals
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Chrono crystals allow agents to hunt a specified number of times with no cooldown between those hunts, in addition to their normal hunts. The basic chrono crystal, awarded to all agents,has a crystal capacity of 6, meaning it gives each agent the chance to make 6 power hunts (at speed) on their own schedule.

The crystal is a renewable resource, and can be recharged after each use or set of uses to enable future power hunts.


To fully recharge a basic chrono crystal takes a total of 6 hours during which you are not hunting actively.

That's because the basic chrono crystal recharge period for a single hunt is one hour-long period in which you do not hunt actively and have only an auto-hunt and friend-led hunts.

Recharge time

There are several pieces of equipment that you can add to your setup to reduce the time it takes your chrono crystal to recharge. See the list on the chrono crystal recharge time page.

The recharge period can be reduced depending on your equipment, collection bonuses, etc., but not below 15 minutes.

Beyond the basic

Other types of crystals, described briefly on this page and in more detail on their individual pages, can each be acquired as a thank-you for a donation and offer agents a larger number of power hunts and additional features.

Power hunts

Each hunt you can make based on a crystal charge in your chrono crystal is known as a power hunt.

Monster hunting with power boosts

If you use your power hunts in quick succession and are also hunting monsters, your journal may show multiple different monsters being attracted, or may show a monster being missed while another monster is awaiting assist clicks.

That is because the order of the ghosts shown in the journal may in fact be slightly out of sync with the monsters caught/attracted.

Active crystal

You can only have one crystal of each type in your inventory.

You can only have one crystal active in your setup. If you have more than one crystal in your inventory, the best crystal will be activated automatically (the crystal with the largest number of available charges and/or shortest cooldown time).

Index of chrono crystals

Name Base number
of crystal hunts
recharge time
Mystic power
Cooldown change Midnight
Other stats
Chrono crystals-Arcane crystal.jpg     Arcane crystal
4 50 mins 4 Loot chance multiplier Thawing
Astro crystal     Astro crystal
3 60 mins −30 secs Loot chance multiplier High roller Eagle eye
Chrono crystals-Basic chrono crystal.jpg     Basic chrono crystal
6 60 mins
Christmas crystal     Christmas crystal
20 60 mins Loot chance multiplier Magic attunement Magic ritual Gold rain Heroism stat
Coral crystal     Coral crystal
20 50 mins Beta-ray blue Extinguish Thawing Happymaker Gold rain Loot chance multiplier

Cosmic crystal     Cosmic crystal
12 45 mins 8 −1 min Raw power bonus Radioactive rays Galaxy glow Loot chance multiplier
Diamond crystal     Diamond crystal
14 45 mins 12 Antiburner Loot chance multiplier High roller Eagle eye Odd odor Willpower
Chrono crystals-Digital crystal.jpg     Digital crystal
3 60 mins 6 Radioactive rays Galaxy glow Loot chance multiplier
Enchanting crystal     Enchanting crystal
13 45 mins 10 −1 min Antiburner Loot chance multiplier Magic attunement Magic ritual
Icons-Flame crystal.png     Flame crystal
10 60 mins 5 −2 mins 5 Raw power bonus Loot chance multiplier Extinguish
Chrono crystals-Mighty chrono crystal.jpg     Mighty chrono crystal
8 45 mins 3 −2 mins
Golden crystal     Golden crystal
18 36 mins 3 Antiburner Midnight attraction chance Gold dust Gold rain Willpower
Icons-Mighty obsidian crystal.png     Mighty obsidian crystal
15 45 mins 5 −3 mins +5%
Chrono crystals-Mystique crystal.jpg     Mystique crystal
9 60 mins 5 Lucky dice Sky jump stat
100px     Powerful chrono crystal
8 45 mins 3
Icons-Powerful obsidian crystal.png     Powerful obsidian crystal
10 45 mins 3 −1 min +5%
Spectral crystal     Spectral crystal
14 45 mins −1.5 mins Raw power bonus Antiburner Eagle eye Loot chance multiplier Willpower
Skeleton crystal     Skeleton crystal
15 30 mins 3 5 Raw power bonus Ghost glue Beta-ray blue

Additional info


All crystals work on the same principle. There is an image of the crystal next to your normal "Let's hunt" button. If the crystal has a charge-level of at least 1, you will be able to power hunt with the crystal during the cooldown between normal hunts.

To power hunt, hover your mouse over the crystal icon until the "Let's hunt" button changes to "Power hunt". Click on the "Power hunt" button, and you will have one ghost hunt and one charge will be deducted from your crystal. If you have charges remaining in the crystal, you can immediately make another power hunt. Power hunts have no cooldown requirement.

Power hunts do not affect the cooldown time for your normal hunting, and they are not affected by the hunting cooldown time of your setup.

Leprechaun's luck does not affect a power hunt (so even if you see leprechaun's luck on a power hunt, you do not gain an additional hunt.

You cannot use power hunts during a raid.

As noted above, attracting/catching/missing a monster during a rapid series of power hunts may show the monsters in incorrect order in your journal.


Each type of crystal has its own recharge time. The recharge time is the number of minutes of continuously-inactive hunting that must pass before the crystal re-energizes a charge. Each time you press the "Let's hunt" button, you are resetting the beginning of the recharge period. Hunts initiated by friends and automatic trap checks will not restart the recharge period. Charging time may be reduced by having certain items in your inventory (See chrono crystal recharge time page). Minimum recharging time is 15 minutes.

Items that affect chrono crystal capacity

See the crystal capacity page for information on items that can affect the total number of power hunts your crystal can enable.


  • 19 April 2010: Chrono crystals are first introduced into Virtual Scotland. All players receive a basic chrono crystal in their inventory.
  • 16 December 2013: The first new chrono crystals since the original introduction were added to Ghost Trappers.
  • 16 October 2017: A new chrono crystal was added to Ghost Trappers.

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