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Recharge time is the length of time it takes to recover 1 chrono crystal charge. Recharging only occurs when you are not actively hunting. Recharge time is not affected by friend hunts, auto-hunts, or assisting the live feed. Your base recharge time is determined by which chrono crystal you have activated in your set up.

Cap to recharge time

Your chrono crystal recharge time cannot be reduced below 15 minutes even if you have all of the items that can theoretically reduce the recharge time.

Items to further reduce recharge time

Item Type Power type
If relevant
Chrono crystal recharge
time change
Crystal agent     Crystal agent
ID badge −15 minutes
Down suit     Down suit
Accessory −3 minutes
Haunted castles map     Haunted castles map
Special item −5 minutes
Ice crrystal     Ice crystal
Special item −15 minutes
Masterkey     Masterkey
Special item −3 minutes
Snowmobile     Snowmobile
Accessory −5 minutes
Tinker     Tinker
Talent tree bonus from the Adventurer tree −1 to −3 minutes
Track and field collection     Track and field collection
Collection bonus −2 minutes
Trawling net     Trawling net
Accessory −5 minutes


  • 21 December 2010: The first item reducing the chrono crystal recharge time was added to Ghost Trappers.

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