Christmas oven

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Christmas oven
Accessories-Christmas oven.jpg

Valiant vapor    Valiant vapor: 3  
Vintage attraction    Vintage attraction: 3  
 Heroism stat     Heroism: 2  
 Icons-Juicy.png     Juicy chance: 3% 
Vintage connoisseur   Vintage connoisseur 3% 
 Christmas cake     Christmas cake loothunter: +1 cake  



The description goes here.


The Christmas oven accessory has the following effects on your setup:


You cannot stack multiple Christmas ovens together in your inventory. Only one Christmas oven to a customer, please.

You can use the Christmas oven simultaneously with all other equipment (including all other accessories) in your inventory.


You must force Ghost Trappers to re-load your setup after adding the Christmas oven to your inventory to make sure that its stats are included in the calculation of your setup's total stats.

GUI-Disable button.png    GUI-Enable button.png

The easiest way to force the re-load is to first disable the Christmas oven (by clicking on the disable button next to it in your Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items screen), and then re-enable the christmas oven by clicking on the enable button.

You can later disable the Christmas oven at any time if its stats do not help with your current objective, or to re-enable the Christmas oven again when you want its stats included in your setup by following the same procedures.


Donation thank-you

You can receive the Christmas oven accessory as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation to support the ongoing development of Ghost Trappers. Please see the in-game donations page for the standalone app or the FB game donation page for specific details about pricing and currency options.

The Christmas oven will be transferred to your inventory once the transaction is completed, along with any badge and the number of bottles of Nessy's and crates of Shadetouch or other items (if any) that are associated with your donation.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select the christmas oven as the thank-you item that other player will receive.

Special ID badge

Chocolate agent     You also receive the chocolate agent ID badge when you donate for the Christmas oven.

Loot drops

If you have a companion, contract, or bait with the Christmas cake loothunter stat on it in your active setup, as well as having the Christmas oven accessory in your setup, you will receive an additional Christmas cake in each such loot drop.


  • 17 December 2018: The Christmas oven was first added to the available accessories in Virtual Scotland.

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