Christmas elf ghost

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Christmas elf ghost
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A very special merry Christmas to you the Ghost Trappers way!



The Christmas elf ghost can be captured in any of the currently-open non-raiding locations:

Special event locations

The Christmas elf ghost can also be captured in Winter wonderland during a celebration week.


You can only catch this ghost if a friend makes a donation and receives the ability to send you a gift ghost.

The donation offer to send a Christmas elf ghost is only available around celebration week each year during the Christmas/New year's season.


While the Christmas elf ghost doesn't actually drop any loot, the friend you send it to will receive 20 Nessy's Golden Reserve along with the Christmas elf ghost.

How to send a Christmas elf ghost to a friend

Donations-Donate for self.png

When you want to send your friend a Christmas elf ghost, do not select "donate for friend" first! You are buying the Christmas present now so that you can send the ghost to the other person later. (Think of it as buying a birthday present in the store — you buy the present first and then give it to your friend later!)

Presents-Special christmas present for friend.jpg

You get the Christmas present in your own inventory (Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items Blue arrow right.png Special Christmas present) and then can choose when to send it to a friend. When you want to send the Christmas elf ghost:

  • Go to the Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items Blue arrow right.png Special Christmas present item
  • Select the friend you want to send the ghost to from the dropdown list
  • Click on "Send"

Your gift will be delivered as your friend's next active hunt, unless your friend is raiding or already has a gift waiting for them. If your friend has another gift waiting, you'll have to try to send yours later. Otherwise, they'll get your gift (and catch their Christmas elf ghost) when they return from their raid.


  • 21 December 2010: The Christmas elf ghost was introduced into GT's Virtual Scotland.

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