Christmas cat

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Christmas cat
Companions-Christmas cat.jpg
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 1–5  
Loot chance multiplier     Loot chance multiplier: x2  
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −2 mins 
 Icons-Juicy.png     Juicy chance: 3% 
Icons-Best friends ever.png    Best friend ever: 3%  
Mockery  Mockery chance: 3%  
 Snowflake    Snowflake loothunter: +3 snowflakes 



The christmas cat is a companion.


The christmas cat companion adds the following stats to your setup:

Mystic power bonus

The christmas cat companion will give you a mystic power bonus that increases as your companion levels up.

Christmas cat
Christmas cat
Mystic power bonus Mystic power bonus

 Level 1: +1 
 Level 2: +2 
 Level 3: +3 
 Level 4: +4 
 Level 5: +5 

Loot chance multiplier

The christmas cat companion adds the loot chance multiplier stat to your setup.

The loot chance multiplier stat value added to your setup is the same at all levels for the christmas cat companion.

Christmas cat
Christmas cat
Loot chance multiplier Loot chance multiplier,
Levels 1–5

Loot chance multiplier: x2 

Cooldown change

The christmas cat companion has the same T/SC anomaly (cooldown change) bonus at all levels:

Christmas cat
Icons-Christmas cat.png
Cooldown change T/SC anomaly bonus,
Levels 1–5

 Cooldown change: −2 mins 


The christmas cat companion gives the same juicy bonus—a chance to hunt twice in a row each time you loot a mixer—at all levels

Christmas cat
Christmas cat
Icons-Juicy.png Juicy bonus chance, Levels 1–5

Juicy chance: 3%

Best friend ever

The christmas cat companion gives a chance that each time you loot a companion gift from a ghost, you will receive a second companion gift at the same time.

Christmas cat
Christmas cat
Best friend ever Best friend ever, Levels 1–5

 Best friend ever: 3% 

Mockery chance

The christmas cat companion provides the same mockery stat bonus (chance of receiving 2–10 mocktails each time you receive any loot drop) at all levels:

Christmas cat
Icons-Christmas cat.png
Mockery Mockery bonus, Levels 1–5

Mockery chance: 3%

Snowflake loothunter bonus

The christmas cat companion has the same loothunter bonus at all levels. Whenever you get a snowflake drop from a ghost, the snowflake loothunter increases this amount.

Christmas cat
Christmas cat
Snowflake Snowflake loothunter,
Levels 1–5

Loothunter: +3 snowflakes

Loot drops

If you have completed the Autumn secrets II collection and have it on display in the Exhibition as well as having the christmas cat companion in your active setup, you will receive two additional piece of snowflake currency in each snowflake loot drop.

Companion gifts

All companions love gifts. They just don't all love and like the same gifts! Here are the affection point listings for the gifts the Christmas cat loves and likes:

Christmas cat loves some bling,
likes other bling
Bling Affection points
Companion gifts-Bracelet.jpg     Bracelet    
Companion gifts-Earrings.jpg     Earrings
Companion gifts-Necklace.jpg     Necklace
Companion gifts-Scarf.jpg     Scarf
Companion gifts-Tie.jpg     Tie
Companion gifts-Watch.jpg     Watch
Christmas cat loves some toys,
likes other toys
Toy Affection points
Companion gifts-Ball.jpg     Ball
Companion gifts-Bricks.jpg     Bricks
Companion gifts-Puzzle.jpg     Puzzle
Companion gifts-Animal.jpg     Stuffed animal
Companion gifts-Tin soldier.jpg     Tin soldier
Companion gifts-Toy car.jpg     Toy car

Acquiring the companion

2017 Christmas gift from the developers

You can receive the Christmas cat by selecting it as your present choice in the 2017 Christmas present from the developers.


  • 24 December 2017: The christmas cat companion was added to Ghost Trappers.

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