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What is a challenge?

Challenges allow you and a friend to test your ghost-trapping skills against each other:

  • You can set the stakes you're betting for;
  • You can decide how long the challenge will last (1 to 7 days);
  • You decide what the basis of your challenge is.

What can you put at stake?

You can make your stake:

You and the friend you are challenging must both have the amount of the stakes in your account when the challenge is issued.

Using non-trade items in stakes

You may use any of the items listed in the drop down menu on the challenge screen, even though some of these items are not to be traded.

However, those challenges must be played in good faith and not with the intent of "getting around" the non-trade rules for certain items.

Non-trade items

Among the not tradeable items that you can use as the stakes in a challenge are:


The moderators can review the terms of all "challenges" to check for thinly disguised trades or sales of non-trade items. Anyone caught making that sort of a challenge is subject to warnings and other sanctions, including, if the behaviour continues, a ban from the game.

See item 31 in the GT Terms of Service.


What should you challenge about?

  • You can make your challenge about who earns the larger amount of money or XP during the time period;

OR you can make your challenge about who catches the most ghosts. You can limit your challenge to:

  • Any ghost
  • A class of ghosts (normal, midnight, special, party)
  • A particular ghost

Problems with challenge objectives

There are a number of ghosts listed on the Objectives menu that are only sporadically available in the game and that you can not actually set a challenge for when they're unavailable.

These ghosts include:

Make sure that the ghost you select is available during the challenge period.

How to issue a challenge


To officially issue the challenge, go to the Challenges menu under Scores and events:

  • Select the friend
  • Select the objective (money, XP, or ghosts)
  • Select the duration for the challenge (1 to 7 days)
  • Select the stakes (magic potions, mixers, mocktails, GBP)
  • Fill in the quantity of the stakes.

Once you have done those things and pressed "issue the challenge", the stakes will be taken from both accounts and will be stored until the challenge is over.

Challenges always begin at 4am GMT+1:. You can not set another starting time. (Use the Time Zone Converter to determine your local start time.) If you and your friend are from different time zones, you will each have hunting times when one person is awake and one is asleep. In the end, it will all even out!

When the challenge is finished

When the time period you have specified for the challenge is over, the winner will automatically receive the stakes.


If you find problems or glitches with challenges, please contact one of the moderators.

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