Celebration week 6

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It's a Celebration week!

Additional information


According to the poster and flyer announcing the event,CW 6 would start 18 December 2014 and run through 7 January 2015.

In actuality, since the ghosts in Virtual Scotland and environs really can't tell time at all, CW 6 started on 15 December 2014.


The Celebration week locations:

What's new ?

Will there be loot ?

Of course there will be loot! Some of it will be familiar (even laughably familiar!) like pumpkin candles molding halves ... but we haven't had an HW yet where there wasn't some new loot!

We know that there will be, at a minimum:


Some souvenirs are only available during celebration weeks. In addition to the new souvenirs for the collections listed above, you should also try to complete the following collections:


New ghosts include secret ghosts, vintage ghosts, and aliens and ufos.

New loot summary

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