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Where ?

In the Winter wonderland, of course!

When ?

Celebration week 5 has been announced for 16 December 2013–6 January 2014.


We are promised new ghosts for Celebration week 5. All of the ghosts from previous celebration weeks will also be available.

What's new ?

We are promised a new Winter market, the new ghosts mentioned above, new presents, and at least one new contract.

What's back again

Winter wonderland collection

The first collection of souvenirs dropped by ghosts in the winter wonderland.

Winter wonderland collection II

The second collection of souvenirs dropped by ghosts in the winter wonderland.

Snow candles magic circle

Collect the molding pieces required to complete the snow candles:

Snow unicorn contract

Collect the documents required to complete the snow unicorn contract:

All over Virtual Scotland

Several special ghosts will put in appearances throughout Virtual Scotland during celebration week 5:

Ghost Approximate date
of arrival
Loot Souvenir collection
Michael ghost 22 December Birthday collection
Santa ghost 24/25 December Four seasons collection
New years ghost 2014 31 December 2013/1 January 2014 Four seasons collection
5th anniversary ghost 2 January 2014 Special event collection

Please note: The wiki is not responsible for the timing of the arrival and departure of these special ghosts. The wiki also does not control how long they stay. The information presented here is a best guess only. Please adjust for your local time zones.


  • 4 December 2013: The official announcement of Celebration week 5 appeared in the Ghost Trappers forums.

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