Castle McDeigh

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Castle McDeigh
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Castle McDeigh is the ultimate destination in region 6.3, reachable only after an agent has progressed through Frozen Castle McDeigh and Snowy Castle McDeigh.


To reach this location, you must already have travelled to Frozen Castle McDeigh, and also defeated the following ghosts while there...

After defeating those specific ghosts in Frozen Castle McDeigh, an agent must have also defeated the following ghosts (Leatherface ghost and Jack Frost ghost are only available in Snowy Castle McDeigh; Ice sculptor ghosts are available in both previous versions of Castle McDeigh.)

Mystic power reduction

Your mystic power is reduced by 80 (−80) in all of the Castle McDeigh locations.


Icons-Iceblock overlay.png

Many of the ghosts in Castle McDeigh can be frozen.

When a ghost is frozen, its image in your journal is covered with the frozen overlay shown at the right.

To defeat a frozen ghost, you can add the thawing stat to your setup.

You may also to be able to defeat at least some frozen ghosts if the brute force stat activates.


The monster ghosts shown in this table are only found in this, the final stage of Castle McDeigh, after you have completed all of the requirements for the Frozen Castle McDeigh stage and the Snowy Castle McDeigh stage.

The ghosts you can find in Castle McDeigh are:

Ghost Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Brute force Frozen GG IY
Rhombus red lightUV
Vintage attraction
Type Strength XP
Specific loot drops
Snow cone ghost     Snow cone ghost
Often Normal ajjaSweet 3600 4000 8900 9000
Ice cream cone ghost     Ice cream cone ghost
Often Midnight ajjaSweet 3600 4000 8900 9000
Ice fishing ghost     Ice fishing ghost
Often Normal ajjfFishy 3600 4000 8900 9000
Polar hunter ghost     Polar hunter ghost
Often Midnight ajjfFishy 3600 4000 8900 9000
Ice sculptor ghost     Ice sculptor ghost
Very often Normal ajjfCreative 3600 4000 8900 9000
Ice carver ghost     Ice carver ghost
Very often Midnight ajjfCreative 3600 4000 8900 9000
Arctic expedition ghost     Arctic expedition ghost
Very often Normal ajjfLost 3600 4000 8900 9000
Lost arctic expedition ghost     Lost arctic expedition ghost
Always Midnight ajjfTotally lost 3600 4000 8900 9000
Chilled spooky ghost     Chilled spooky ghost
Always Normal babaBrrrrrrr 3600 4000 8900 9000
Luge ghost     Luge ghost
Often Normal baaaSliiiding 3600 4000 8900 9000
Sled dog racing ghost     Sled dog racing ghost
Often Midnight baaaWoof woof 3600 4000 8900 9000
Chillaxed spooky ghost     Chillaxed spooky ghost
Often Midnight jjjjjjjAwwwww 3600 4000 8900 9000
Ice cream man ghost     Ice cream man ghost
Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Often Party baafPartylicious 3700 4100 9000 9100
Silver frosting temptress     Silver frosting temptress
Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Very often Special jjjjjjIce cold 3700 4100 9000 9100

Skadi, goddess of winter     Skadi, goddess of winter
Often GG Secret baafSecretive 3700 4100 9000 9100
Boreas, god of winter     Boreas, god of winter
Often IY Secret baafSecretive 3700 4100 9000 9100
Chione, goddess of snow     Chione, goddess of snow
Often UV Secret baafSecretive 3700 4100 9000 9100
Caileach, queen of winter     Caileach, queen of winter
Brute force Often Rhombus red light Secret jjjjjjSecretive 3700 4100 9000 9100
Jack Frost ghost     Jack Frost ghost
Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Often Vintage attraction Vintage jjjjjjSecretive 3700 4100 9000 9100
Leatherface ghost     Leatherface ghost
Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Often Midnight jjjjjSlicing 3700 4100 9000 9100
Rider of the freezing death     Rider of the freezing death
Monster jjjjjIcy epic 4000 4500 9000 9900
Sister of dread     Sister of dread
Monster jjjjjIcy epic 4000 4500 9000 9900
Icy chaosmage     Icy chaosmage
Monster jjjjjIcy epic 4000 4500 9000 9900
Rimeclaw frostwyrm     Rimeclaw frostwyrm
Monster jjjjjIcy epic 4000 4500 9000 9900
Osdraconis bonewyrm     Osdraconis bonewyrm
Monster jjjjjIcy epic 4000 4500 9000 9900

Monster ghosts

The five monster ghosts shown in the table above require jurassic plasma in a cauldron and malty mist in your setup to attract them.

The monster ghosts are only found in the final Castle McDeigh location, after you have completed the requirements to go from Frozen Castle McDeigh to Snowy Castle McDeigh, and from Snowy Castle McDeigh to Castle McDeigh.

Special ghosts

Special mythic creature, monster, gift, and seasonal ghosts can also be trapped in Castle McDeigh, since they can be found in all non-raiding, non-AV locations in Virtual Scotland.

Mythic-creature ghosts

The special mythic-creature ghosts include such Nessy's-loving ghosts as Ghost Nessy, Banshee ghost, Cu Sith, Kelpie, Selkie, Glowing Ghost Nessy, Shrieking banshee ghost, Howling Cu Sith, Luring Kelpie, Moonlight Selkie, Glaistig ghost and Green glaistig ghost.

Monster ghosts

The monsters you may attract in Castle McDeigh include the original monsters as well as the jurassic and dino monsters, the elemental monsters, the blood cauldron monsters, the sacred monsters (also known as the sacred monsters), the techno monsters, the alien monsters, and some golden monsters... whew! It's easier just to refer to the monsters.

Gift ghosts

Gift ghosts are ghosts you will only catch if a fellow agent sends one to you. The gift ghosts that are currently available and that can be caught in Castle McDeigh include:

During the Christmas holiday season, the Christmas elf ghost is also available for friends to gift to other friends.

Seasonal special ghosts

To find out when (and which) seasonal ghosts may be available next in Castle McDeigh, check out the 2018 seasonal special ghost calendar.


Loot is occasionally dropped in Castle McDeigh (and in all non-raiding locations) by the local ghosts, by special ghosts and by all of the ghost monsters (original, elemental, jurassic monsters, vampire lords and ladies, and the knights of the round table).

As experienced players, agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. hunting in Castle McDeigh will recognize that which ghosts drop which loot can change without notice. If you have a loot drop not mentioned here, please let the wiki sysop know so that a correction can be made.

Plasma (of all sorts), chrono crystal fragments, magic potions (including Nessy's Golden Reserve), and some companions are all occasionally dropped here. See the loot page for information about the loot items that are widely available in Virtual Scotland.

Mockery loot

If you have the mockery stat in your setup (through the talent tree bonus or because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 mocktails added to other loot drops from the ghosts in Castle McDeigh. Because these mockery stat drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the mocktails are included in any loot lists for Castle McDeigh. The entire list of possible mocktails that may be dropped is on the mocktails page.

Mockery drops can be distinguished from a normal loot drop as follows:

A standard loot drop of a mocktail     5x Cherry bomb
A mockery loot drop of a mocktail     5 Devil driver

Snowflake loot

If you have the snowfall stat in your setup (because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat), ghosts in Castle McDeigh may occasionally and randomly drop you a snowflake as loot. Because these snowfall-driven drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, snowflake loot drops are not specifically included in any lists on this page or on the individual ghost pages.

Vintage connoissesur loot

If you have the vintage connoisseur stat in your setup (through an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 bottles of a non-Nessy's loot potion or of Shadetouch blue or Shadetouch purple added to other loot drops in Castle McDeigh. Because these connoisseur drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the non-Nessy's loot potions involved are included in the loot list above. The entire list of possible bottles that can be dropped is found on the non-Nessy's loot potions page.

Both normal drops of a particular non-Nessy's loot potion and connoisseur drops of a particular loot potion show the same way in your journal:

16 x Shadetouch purple (10 bonus loot)

Castle McDeigh-specific loot

Specific items of loot that may be dropped in Castle McDeigh include:



At the bar in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in Castle McDeigh, Charles the bartender has no vintages available for sale.

Charles does still have a selection of other recipes available for purchase if you haven't filled out your recipe library yet.

He can offer you a refund on bottles of Highland Pride if you'd like.

And Charles is also always ready to help with your mixology needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just bring him the magic potion and the appropriate mixer, and Charles will have a batch of your favorite mocktails ready for you almost instantaneously.


Professor Gadgeteer has the following mechanisms available for sale or assembly in Castle McDeigh:

Mechanism Type Power Mystic power How
The frozen knight Arcane 720 25 Assembly
Wooly mammoth Bio 700 5 Purchase
Nuclear icebreaker Infernal 710 20 Purchase


Dr Elizabeth Grimely and her staff of mystic artists in Castle McDeigh have the following magic circle available to power your ghost-trapping set-up:

Magic circle Power Mystic power
Northern lights 300 15

Shopping disclaimer

Always review all of the information about a mechanism or magic circle on its own page before purchasing. The information provided here is only a brief synopsis provided as a convenience and does not include many of the important details you should take into consideration.


  • 20 May 2015: Castle McDeigh first opens its doors to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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