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The burning collection i is a set of souvenirs that can only be received as loot from a group of midnight and secret ghosts that can be on fire, and thus need the extinguish stat to be able to capture them.


The souvenirs that are part of the burning collection i are:

Souvenir Region found Specific location? Ghost
Burning wheels Borders Castle McWallace Blazing rider ghost
Fire horns Borders Kilwittig House Infernal warlock ghost
Lava scale Lothian Kirkyard Crypt Magma ghostlem
Black harness Lothian Duke Leyton Pinnacle Black dragonrider ghost
Brush Fife Glenclose mine Lucky chimney sweep ghost

Collection bonus

Collect all of the items in the burning collection i and you will receive:

Individual souvenirs

Burning wheels

Burning wheels     The burning wheels souvenir can only be obtained in Castle McWallace (region 2, Borders) from the blazing rider ghost.

Fire horns

Fire horns     The fire horns souvenir can only be obtained in Kilwittig House (region 2, Borders) from the infernal warlock ghost, but only when your setup has gaussgreen light in it.

Lava scale

Lava scale     The lava scale souvenir can only be obtained in Kirkyard crypt (region 4, Lothian) from the magma ghostlem.

Black harness

Black harness     The black harness souvenir can only be obtained in Duke Leyton Pinnacle (region 4, Lothian) from the black dragonrider ghost.


Brush     The brush souvenir can only be obtained in Glenclose mine (region 5, Fife) from the lucky chimney sweep ghost.


  • 27 January 2016: The Burning collection I group of souvenirs was first shown in the Exhibition on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

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