Burglar ghost

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Burglar ghost
Ghosts-Burglar ghost.jpg
Secret ghost
 Ghost photos scarefactor.png     Scare factor: Underground 
 Ghost photos rarity.png     Rarity: Secret 
 Ghost photos risk.png     Risk: None 
 Infrayellow     Visible in infrayellow light only
Icon mystic power resistance medium.png    Mystic-resistant
Pound icon.png / XP: click here



The Burglar ghost was the head of the Brodie-gang, three thieves with normal day-jobs, but master thieves at night. The Fortune teller was a thief escaping a seven year sentence of transportation, the Locksmith who ran a grocer's shop in Kirkyard and Cobbler the shoemaker.

Additional information


The burglar ghost can be captured in region 6, Central, in Gloamin Tower first floor and in Gloamin Tower crypt.


The burglar ghost can only be seen in infrayellow light. Stack your setup and camera with lenses, a flashlight, and other equipment with iy light if you are trying to take a picture of the burglar ghost.

No theft risk

There is no risk that the burglar ghost will steal GTP (£££), XP, bait, or ghost plasma if you fail to catch it.


The burglar ghost has been known to occasionally drop the following types of ghost loot:

Mockery loot

If you have the mockery stat in your setup (through the talent tree bonus or because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 mocktails added to other loot drops from the burglar ghost. Because these mockery drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the mocktails are included in the loot list above. The entire list of possible mocktails that may be dropped is on the mocktails page.

Mockery stat drops can be distinguished from a normal loot drop as follows:

A standard loot drop of a mocktail     5x Cherry bomb
A mockery stat caused] loot drop of a mocktail     5 Devil driver
Snowflake loot

If you have the snowfall stat in your setup (because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat on it), the burglar ghost may occasionally and randomly drop you a snowflake as loot. Because these snowfall-driven drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, snowflake loot drops are not specifically included in the list above.


You must use the snake venom mocktail as bait to attract the burglar ghost.


  • 12 May 2014: The burglar ghost was first seen in Virtual Scotland.

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