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Companion gifts-Bubblegum.jpg
Sweets companion gift



Bubblegum is one of the companion gifts and is part of the Sweets group.


Bubblegum is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:

Ghost Region Location
Bobby ghost Borders Castle McWallace
Kilwittig House
Candyfloss ghost15px-Blue star.jpg All regions All non-raiding locations
Cowboy ghost Fife Sternham Castle
Fisherman ghost Fife Dreadmoor
Noisy poltergeist Strathclyde Castle McDonohan
Count Church
Raking poltergeist Strathclyde Castle McDonohan
15px-Blue star.jpg = The candyfloss ghost is a special occasion ghost that only appears 1-3 days per year (usually in October).

Who loves bubblegum?

Some companions love bubblegum; some companions like bubblegum; and some companions hate bubblegum.

Which is which? The following table will help you know how many affection points you'll get for giving bubblegum to the companions that like or love them.

Companion Points
Amber whelp 30
Bronto 60
Bunny15px-Blue star.jpg 20
Caterpillar 60
Cerberus 55
Compso 55
Cupid 20
Dino skeleton 45
Easter fledgling 35
Easter ghost 35
Elephant 10
Ethereal cow 50
Ferret 20
Fire whelp 20
Frog 60
Furball 25
Goose 5
Icebear 25
Kelpie 20
Kitty15px-Blue star.jpg 10
Lion cub 40
Little H.O.U.N.D. 5
Loris 30
Mole 5
Piggie 60
Raccoon15px-Blue star.jpg 35
Rat 35
Raven 50
Siamese kitty 10
Snow owl 10
Squirrel15px-Blue star.jpg 35
Starlight tiger 10
Starlight whelp 30
Stego 35
T-rex 45
Triceratops 40
Vampire bat 25

15px-Blue star.jpg = Companions with a blue star have both a regular and a special version.


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