Bu Shi

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Bu Shi
Contracts-Bu Shi.jpg
Bio contract
 Malty mist     Malty mist: 5  
 Monsterslayer   Monsterslayer bonus: −15% of required 
assist clicks 
GG    Gaussgreen light: 5  
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −3 mins 
 Elemental plasma   Elemental plasma loothunter: +3 plasma 



Bu Shi has been trained in the art of camouflage and deception by grandmaster Kamo. Now he is even indistinguishable from trees, which some ghost puppies appreciate a lot.

Contract effects

The Bu Shi contract gives you the following benefits for your setup:

The Bu Shi contract also gives you the following benefits for each monster you catch:

Additional information


The Bu Shi contract works with bio trap mechanisms.


The Bu Shi contract can be used to modify these mechanisms:


Contract documents

Documents-BOS full.jpg

You must collect the following contract documents to be able to finalize the Bu Shi contract in the office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ:

Document Ghost Region Location Special notes
Documents-BOS 1.jpg        
Only found inside a Ninja box
Documents-BOS 2.jpg        
Documents-BOS 3.jpg        

Loot drops

If you have completed the planar collection and have it on display in the Exhibition as well as having the Bu Shi contract in your active setup, you will receive an additional piece of elemental plasma in each elemental plasma loot drop.


  • 11 September 2017: The Bu Shi contract was added to the contracts available in Virtual Scotland.

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