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Companion gifts-Bricks.jpg
Toys companion gift



Bricks are one of the companion gifts and is part of the Toys group.


Bricks is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:

Ghost Region Location
Buckingham ghost Dumfries and Galloway Glenluck Abbey
Collier ghost Fife Glenclose mine
Psycho ghost Dumfries and Galloway Castle McCloud
Loch Trool
Glenluck Abbey
Fire brigadeer ghost Lothian Duke Leyton Library
Duke Leyton Pinnacle
Speeding stagecoach ghost Lothian Kirkyard Cemetery
Kirkyard Morgue
Kirkyard Crypt

Who loves bricks?

Some companions love bricks; some companions like bricks; and some companions hate bricks.

Which is which? The following table will help you know how many affection points you'll get for giving bricks to the companions that like or love them.

Companion Points
Aardvark 55
Beaver 45
Bobby 55
Caterpillar 30
Crab 25
Cu sith 55
Eagle 10
Forgotten one 15
Fox 55
Frog 5
Furball 35
Glowing dino skeleton 25
Hamster 10
Kelpie 55
Kitty15px-Blue star.jpg 40
Kraken 60
Lightning whelp 15
Loris 50
Minotaur 40
Nessy 10
Piggie 5
Pug 55
Puppy15px-Blue star.jpg 55
Purple fish 40
Rat 10
Raven 5
Red panda 25
Red vari 45
Seahorse 40
Seal 25
Siamese kitty 40
Snow leopard 40
Snow owl 25
Snow whelp 10
Spookie15px-Blue star.jpg 50
Starlight tiger 40
Summer whelp 20
T-rex 25
Twilight whelp 5
Wild boar 45
Wolf 55

15px-Blue star.jpg = Companions with a blue star have both a regular and a special version


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