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The blood monsters are those monsters that need a blood cauldron and blood plasma in your setup to be attracted.

Ghost index

Monster Sub-group? Strength Region Location Clicks Notes Loot
Bagpipe spider     Bagpipe spider
Raven ruins monsters My ears! Strathclyde Raven ruins 160
Black dragon     Black dragon
Raven ruins monsters Really black Strathclyde Raven ruins 190

Bobon the hideous     Bobon the hideous
Vampire lords and ladies Ugly Virtual Scotland 90
B.O.S.S.     B.O.S.S.
Raven ruins monsters Holds all the secrets Strathclyde Raven ruins 170
Chief Nikolai     Chief Nikolai
Vampire lords and ladies Feral Virtual Scotland 36
Count Malcolm     Count Malcolm
Vampire lords and ladies Bonkers Virtual Scotland 108
Countess Romy     Countess Romy
Vampire lords and ladies Arcane Virtual Scotland 117
Croax     Croax
Raven ruins monsters Lord of ravens Strathclyde Raven ruins
Dust devil     Dust devil
Raven ruins monsters Dusty Strathclyde Raven ruins 150
Lady Catherine     Lady Catherine
Vampire lords and ladies Artsy Virtual Scotland 54
Lord Maxwell     Lord Maxwell
Vampire lords and ladies Loaded Virtual Scotland 72
Peater     Peater
Raven ruins monsters Peaty Strathclyde Raven ruins 180
Priestess Ta-apep     Priestess Ta-apep
Vampire lords and ladies Pharaonic Dumfries & Galloway Castle McCloud nightmare mode 126
Dumfries & Galloway Castle McIngverson nightmare mode During Haunted week special events only
Sid the vicious     Sid the vicious
Vampire lords and ladies Rebellious Virtual Scotland 18
Raven ruins monsters Foggy Strathclyde Raven ruins 130
Thunderclap     Thunderclap
Raven ruins monsters Deafening Strathclyde Raven ruins 140


  • 13 July 2011: The initial group of Vampire lords and ladies was added to Ghost Trappers.
  • 23 July 2012: Priestess Ta-apep, the first of the vampire lords and ladies to be restricted to only one location, was added to the game.
  • 11 June 2018: The monsters of the Raven ruins, another group restricted to a single location, were added to Ghost Trappers.
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