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Companion gifts-Beryll.jpg
Gems companion gift



Beryll is one of the companion gifts and is part of the Gems group.


Beryll is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:

Ghost Region Location
Gothic ghost Borders Castle McKenny
Druid ghost Fife Scarwood forest
Farrier ghost Fife Glenclose mine

Who loves beryll?

Some companions love beryll; some companions like beryll; and some companions hate beryll.

Which is which? The following table will help you know how many affection points you'll get for giving beryll to the companions that like or love them.

Companion Points
Amber whelp 60
Armadillo 15
Aurora whelp 40
Badger 20
Blood drop 25
Bobby 15
Brimstone butterfly 25
Chrono whelp 50
Compso 5
Crab 45
Crystal spider15px-Blue star.jpg 45
Crystalline whelp 40
Devil 15
Diamond whelp 40
Dragonette whelp 45
El diablo 15
Emerald forgotten one 55
Emerald whelp 55
Fire whelp 45
Forest whelp 60
Goat 15
Gryphon 20
Icy whelp 50
Iguana 60
Lightning whelp 35
Love whelp 45
Mining whelp 20
Minotaur 30
Pegasus 35
Phoenix 40
Prismatic whelp 40
Raiding whelp 60
Reindeer 35
Robot 5
Sacred whelp 15
Sheep 25
Snow whelp 50
Snowman 15
Spark 25
Sphinx 45
Starlight whelp 35
Temptress whelp 55
Turtle15px-Blue star.jpg 60
Twilight whelp 60
Vampire bat 40
Vampire whelp 60
Violet colibri 60

15px-Blue star.jpg = Companions with a blue star have both a regular and a special version.


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