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Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop
Bayoushi shop.jpg



Lady Ayumi Bayoushi has a shop full of "fun and wonders" on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ. Check back regularly to see her stock of useful and (occasionally) new goodies.

For sale

Like every merchant in or outside of Virtual Scotland, Lady Bayoushi finds that the stock in her shop changes from time to time. Always check the shop itself to see if an item you are interested in is currently on sale.

The following tables list the items currently on sale at Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop and their prices. We make every effort to stay current on the prices and items offered for sale in the shop, but can not be held responsible if there is a discrepancy.

Stock list

Item Type Amber fragment Blood plasma Chrono crystal fragment Diviad points Dogtags Elemental plasma Companions
Icons-Ghost birdie.pngIcons-Ghost hamster.png
Icons-Ghost doe.pngIcons-Ghost pony.png
Document-IG 1.jpg Document-IG 2.jpg
German meteorite Ghost plasma Ionized plasma Joker card Jurassic plasma Magic wood Meteorite Nightmare token Nightmare crystal Russian meteorite Sacred plasma Scotch badge Snowflake Uncut lens Icons-Gold pound symbol.png Item
Aardvark     Aardvark
Companion 4500 40 Aardvark
ACD.1     ACD.1
Document 75 ACD.1
ACD.2     ACD.2
Document 75 ACD.2
ACD.3     ACD.3
Document 75 ACD.3
Adventurous agent     Adventurous agent
ID badge 1800 Adventurous agent
Amber ant     Amber ant
Special item 150 2000 500 100 50,000,000 Amber ant
Amber bug     Amber bug
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber bug
Amber caterpillar     Amber caterpillar
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber caterpillar
Amber centipede     Amber centipede
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber centipede
amb Amber dragon whelp     Amber dragon whelp
Companion 300 amb Amber dragon whelp
Amber locust     Amber locust
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber locust
Amber millennium bug     Amber millennium bug
Special item 100 150 500 250 50,000,000 Amber millennium bug
Amber moth     Amber moth
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber moth
Amber scorpion     Amber scorpion
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber scorpion
Amber spider     Amber spider
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber spider
Amber wasp     Amber wasp
Special item 50 300 50,000,000 Amber wasp
Amethyst agent     Amethyst agent
ID badge 750 10 Amethyst agent
Anti-spider spray     Anti spider spray
Special item 10 50 20 5 20 100,000 Anti-spider spray
Arctic annihilator     Arctic annihilator
Special item 100 50 Arctic annihilator
Arctic cyberraptor     Arctic cyberraptor
Mechanism Arctic cyberraptor
aur Aurora dragon whelp     Aurora dragon whelp
Companion aur Aurora dragon whelp
Avatar 1a     Avatar 1a
Avatar Avatar 1a
Avatar 4b     Avatar 4b
Avatar Avatar 4b
Avatar 42a     Avatar 42a
Avatar Avatar 42a
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Berlin datapad     Berlin datapad
[[]] 250 200 500 Berlin datapad
Blast furnace     Blast furnace
Special item 1500 Blast furnace
blo Blood drop     Blood drop companion
Companion 750 blo Blood drop
Blood orange juice     100 Blood orange juice
Mixer 75 Blood orange juice
Blood pendant     Blood pendant
Special item 750 Blood pendant
Blood plasma     100 Blood plasma
Currency 100 Blood plasma
Blue stocking     Blue stocking
Special item 500 250 200 2000 Blue stocking
Blurry Nessy photo     Blurry Nessy photo
Special item 1000 25 10,000,000 Blurry Nessy photo
Borscht scanner     Borscht scanner
Special item 100 Borscht scanner
bri Brimstone butterfly     Brimstone butterfly
Companion 300 bri Brimstone butterfly
Business bear     Business bear
Companion 100 Business bear
Castle McDougan snowglobe     Castle McDougan snowglobe
Special item 300 Castle McDougan snowglobe
Champion badge     Champion badge
ID badge 5 1,000 Champion badge
Chrono crystal fragment     Chrono crystal fragment
Currency 5 Chrono crystal fragment
chr Chrono dragon whelp     Chrono dragon whelp
Companion 1200 chr Chrono dragon whelp
Cold snapper     Cold snapper
Camera 3600 Cold snapper
CoraCora the red     Cora the red
Contract 75 CoraCora the red
Crossbooth zapper     Crossbooth zapper
Special item 100 Crossbooth zapper
Crypt key     Crypt key
Travel 300 Crypt key
Crystal charger     Crystal charger
Special item 100 Crystal charger
cry Crystalline dragon whelp     Crystalline dragon whelp
Companion 4000 25 10 ghbir Ghost birdie 5000 1000 cry Crystalline dragon whelp
Dark cherry juice     100 Dark cherry juice
Mixer 75 Dark cherry juice
Deaugmentator     Deaugmentator
Special item Deaugmentator
Deep freezer     Deep freezer
Mechanism 900 Deep freezer
Devil driver     50 Devil drivers
Mocktail 3 IG.1 Devil driver
Dictionary     Dictionary
Special item 1000 Dictionary
dia Diamond dragon whelp     Diamond dragon whelp
Companion 250 dia Diamond dragon whelp
Dogtag     3 Dogtags
Currency 1 ghbir Ghost birdie Dogtag
Double gauss-green infrayellow triangle lens     Double gauss-green infrayellow triangle lens
Camera lens 100 Double gauss-green infrayellow triangle lens
Double infrayellow ultraviolet triangular lens     Double infrayellow ultraviolet triangular lens
Camera lens 100 Double infrayellow ultraviolet triangular lens
  Double ultraviolet gauss-green triangular lens     Double ultraviolet gauss-green triangular lens
Camera lens 100   Double ultraviolet gauss-green triangular lens
Dreamer, elder fairy     Dreamer, elder fairy
Contract 1500 50 Dreamer, elder fairy
Duke Leyton snowglobe     Duke Leyton snowglobe
Special item 300 Duke Leyton snowglobe
EkaterinaEkaterina Rubikski     Ekaterina Rubikski
Contract 20,000,000 EkaterinaEkaterina Rubikski
Elemental plasma     100 Elemental plasma
Currency 100 Elemental plasma
eme Emerald dragon whelp     Emerald dragon whelp
Companion 5 ghham Ghost hamster eme Emerald dragon whelp
Emerald pearl snowglobe     Emerald pearl snowglobe
Mechanism 900 Emerald pearl snowglobe
Emerald pendant     Emerald pendant
Special item 200 800 200 1,100,000 Emerald pendant
Engineer Clyde Throckmorton     Engineer Clyde Throckmorton
Contract 250 2,000,000 Engineer Clyde Throckmorton
Fairy dragon whelp     Fairy dragon whelp
Companion 20,000 150 Fairy dragon whelp
Father Pippin the exorcist     Father Pippin the exorcist
Contract 1200 Father Pippin the exorcist
fir Fire dragon whelp     Fire dragon whelp
Companion 5 ghham Ghost hamster fir Fire dragon whelp
Fireworks     Fireworks
Magic circle 1200 15 Fireworks
Fish and chips scanner     Fish and chips scanner
Special item 10 Fish and chips scanner
Fishing tackle box     Fishing tackle box
Special item 25 5000 10,000,000 Fishing tackle box
Gareth the highly intelligent     Gareth the highly intelligent
Contract 1500 50 Gareth the highly intelligent
Gaussgreen round lens     Gaussgreen round lens
Camera lens 100 Gaussgreen round lens
Ghastly grape juice     100 Ghastly grape juice
Mixer 500 Ghastly grape juice
ghcat Ghost caterpillar     Ghost caterpillar
Companion 300 ghcat Ghost caterpillar
ghdoe Ghost doe     Ghost doe
Companion 1 ghponGhost pony ghdoe Ghost doe
ghgoo Ghost goose     Ghost goose
Companion 500 500 ghgoo Ghost goose
ghham Ghost hamster     Ghost hamster
Companion 1 ghdoe Ghost doe ghham Ghost hamster
ghkit Ghost kitty     Ghost kitty
Companion 10 ghkit Ghost kitty
ghlla Ghost llama     Ghost llama
Companion 600 ghlla Ghost llama
ghlor Ghost loris     Ghost loris
Companion 5,000,000 ghlor Ghost loris
Ghost plasma     100 Ghost plasma
Currency 3 Ghost plasma
ghpupGhost puppy     Ghost puppy
Companion 10 ghpupGhost puppy
ghsea Ghost seahorse     Ghost seahorse
Companion 500 ghsea Ghost seahorse
ghshe Ghost sheep     Ghost sheep
Companion 200 ghshe Ghost sheep
ghsna Ghost snake     Ghost snake
Companion 500 ghsna Ghost snake
Glenclose snowglobe     Glenclose snowglobe
Special item 300 Glenclose snowglobe
Glengreen blue     100 Glengreen blue
Bait 75 Glengreen blue
Glengreen purple     50 Glengreen purple
Bait 5 Glengreen purple
Green flashlight     Green flashlight
Special item 200 Green flashlight
Green stocking     Green stocking
Special item 300 100 25 2000 Green stocking
Highland cattle stampede     Highland cattle stampede
Mechanism 900 300,000 Highland cattle stampede
icy Icy dragon whelp     Icy dragon whelp
Companion 5 ghham Ghost hamster icy Icy dragon whelp
ID card     ID card
Travel key 300 ID card
IG.1     IG.1
Currency 1 IG.2 IG.1
Infrayellow gaussgreen square lens     Infrayellow gaussgreen square lens
Camera lens 100 Infrayellow gaussgreen square lens
Infrayellow round lens     Infrayellow round lens
Camera lens 100 Infrayellow round lens
Jade the jazz musician     Jade the jazz musician
Contract 250 Jade the jazz musician
Jesperian way     50 Jesperian way
Mocktail 3 IG.1 Jesperian way
Jurassic plasma     Jurassic plasma
Currency 35 Jurassic plasma
Kaleidoscope camera     Kaleidoscope camera
Camera 3600 36 Kaleidoscope camera
Kilwittig House snowglobe     Kilwittig house snowglobe
Special item 300 Kilwittig House snowglobe
Library key     Library key
Travel key 300 Library key
lig Lightning dragon whelp     Lightning dragon whelp
Companion 600 lig Lightning dragon whelp
litbro Little bronto     Little bronto
Companion 300 litbro Little bronto
litgho Little ghost elephant     Little ghost elephant
Companion 300 litgho Little ghost elephant
litnes Little Nessy     Little Nessy
Companion 75 litnes Little Nessy
Little phoenix     Little phoenix
Companion 500 Little phoenix
litste Little stego     Little stego
Companion 300 litste Little stego
littre Little T-rex     Little T-rex
Companion 500 littre Little T-rex
Longtong     Longtong
[[]] 400 400 500 300 Longtong
Lucid lemonade     20 Lucid lemonade
Mixer 5 Lucid lemonade
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Maggie May the medium     Maggie May the medium
Contract 1500 50 Maggie May the medium
Magic rope     Magic rope
Special item 1000 2000 500 Magic rope
Midnight apple juice     100 Midnight apple juice
Mixer 75 Midnight apple juice
Mighty chrono crystal     Mighty chrono crystal
Special item 250 Mighty chrono crystal
mini Mini robot     Mini robot
Companion 2 75 mini Mini robot
Moonshadow blue     100 Moonshadow blue
Bait 75 Moonshadow blue
Moormist blue     100 Moormist blue
Bait 75 Moormist blue
Mother Hulda     Mother Hulda
Contract 500 Mother Hulda
murd Murderous dragon whelp     Murderous dragon whelp
Companion 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 murd Murderous dragon whelp
Mystery milk     20 Mystery milk
Mixer 5 Mystery milk
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70

Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Purple stocking     Purple stocking
Special item 75 150 1000 2000 Purple stocking
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Red stocking     Red stocking
Special item 75 500 500 2000 Red stocking
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Snog     Snog
Companion 1000 1000 200 Snog
Spy satellite     Spy satellite
Special item 30 150 650 200 Spy satellite
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
:USB stick     USB stick
Special item 500 30 150 300 :USB stick
Violet flashlight     Violet flashlight
Special item 200 Violet flashlight
:VR visor     VR visor
Special item 30 150 100 250 :VR visor
Weiswuascht pistoin     Weiswuascht pistoin
[[]] 300 150 300 Weiswuascht pistoin
Wooli     Wooli
Companion 1000 1000 200 Wooli
Template:70     [[]]
[[]] Template:70
Yellow flashlight     Yellow flashlight
Special item 200 Yellow flashlight
Yellow stocking     Yellow stocking
Special item 500 1000 2000 250 Yellow stocking
Item Type Amber fragment Blood plasma Chrono crystal fragment Diviad points Dogtags Elemental plasma Companions
Icons-Ghost birdie.pngIcons-Ghost hamster.png
Icons-Ghost doe.pngIcons-Ghost pony.png
Document-IG 1.jpg Document-IG 2.jpg
German meteorite Ghost plasma Ionized plasma Joker card Jurassic plasma Magic wood Meteorite Nightmare token Nightmare crystal Russian meteorite Sacred plasma Scotch badge Snowflake Uncut lens Xeno plasma Icons-Gold pound symbol.png Item

Icons-Aardvark.png Aardvark Companion
70px ACD.1   Contract document
Document-ACD 2.jpg ACD.2   Contract document
Document-ACD 3.jpg ACD.3   Contract document
ID badges-Adventurous agent.jpg Adventurous agent badge   Badge
Accessories-Amber bug.png Amber bug Accessory
Accessories-Amber caterpillar.png Amber caterpillar Accessory
Accessories-Amber centipede.png Amber centipede Accessory
Companion icon-Amber dragon whelp.png Amber dragon whelp   Companion
Accessories-Amber locust.png Amber locust Accessory
Accessories-Amber moth.png Amber moth Accessory
Accessories-Amber scorpion.png Amber scorpion Accessory
Accessories-Amber spider.png Amber spider Accessory
Accessories-Amber wasp.png Amber wasp Accessory
ID badges-Amethyst agent.jpg Amethyst agent ID badge
Accessories-Anti spider spray.jpg Anti spider spray Accessory
Mechanisms-Arctic cyberraptor.jpg Arctic cyberraptor Mechanism
Icons-Aurora dragon whelp.png Aurora dragon whelp Companion
Avatars-1a.jpg Avatars Avatars
Avatars-4b.jpg Avatars Avatars
Avatars-42a.jpg Avatars Avatars
Icons-Blood drop companion.png Blood drop companion   Companion
Accessories-Blood pendant.jpg Blood pendant Accessory
Icons-Brimstone butterfly.png Brimstone butterfly Companion
Badges-Champion badge.jpg Champion badge ID badge
Inventory-Chrono crystal fragment.jpg Chrono crystal fragment Currency equivalent
Companion icon-Chrono dragon whelp.png Chrono dragon whelp   Companion
Cameras-Cold snapper.jpg Cold snapper Camera
Keys-Crypt key.jpg Crypt key Key
Resources-Crystal charger.jpg Crystal charger Accessory
Icons-Crystalline dragon whelp.png Crystalline dragon whelp Companion
Deaugmentator.jpg Deaugmentator
Mechanisms-Deep freezer.jpg Deep freezer Mechanism
Cocktails-Devil Driver.jpg Devil drivers (50) Mocktail
Accessories-Dictionary.jpg Dictionary Accessory
  • 1,000 £
Companions icon-Diamond dragon whelp.png Diamond dragon whelp   Companion
Trapper-Dogtag.jpg 3 Dogtags Currency equivalent
Contracts-Dreamer elder fairy.jpg Dreamer, elder fairy Contract
Contract-Ekaterina Rubikski.jpg Ekaterina Rubikski Contract
  • £ 20,000,000
Emerald dragon icon.png Emerald dragon whelp   Companion
Mechanisms-Emerald snow pearl.jpg Emerald pearl snowglobe   Mechanism
Accessories-Emerald pendant.jpg Emerald pendant Accessory
Contract-Engineer Clyde Throckmorton.jpg Engineer Clyde Throckmorton Contract
Icons-Fairy dragon whelp.png Fairy dragon whelp Companion
Father Pippin the exorcist Father Pippin the exorcist Contract
Dragon whelp nessy icon.png Fire dragon whelp   Companion
Magic circles-Fireworks.jpg Fireworks Magic circle
Contracts-Gareth the highly intelligent.jpg Gareth the highly intelligent Contract
Lenses-Gg round lens.png     Gausgreen round lens Lenses
Icons-Caterpillar.png Ghost caterpillar   Companion
Mixers-Ghastly grape juice.jpg     100 Ghastly grape juice Mixer
Doe nessy icon.png Ghost doe   Companion
Hamster nessy icon.png Ghost hamster   Companion
Kitty icon.png Ghost kitty   Companion
Companions icon-Ghost llama.png Ghost llama Companion
Loris icon.png Ghost loris   Companion
  • £5,000,000
Inventory ghost plasma.jpg Ghost plasma Plasma
File:Puppy icon.png Ghost puppy   Companion
Seahorse icon.png Ghost seahorse Companion
Companions icon-Ghost sheep.png Ghost sheep Companion
Icons-Ghost snake.png Ghost snake Companion
Magic potions-Glengreens-purple.jpg 50x Glengreen purple Special editions
Flashlights-Green flashlight.jpg Green flashlight Accessory
Mechanism-Highland cattle stampede.jpg Highland cattle stampede Mechanism

Icy dragon whelp nessy icon.png Icy dragon whelp   Companion
Keys-ID card.jpg ID card Key
Document-IG 1.jpg IG.1   Contract document
Lenses-Iy gg square lens.png     Infrayellow gaussgreen square lens Lenses
Lenses-Iy round lens.png     Infrayellow round lens Lenses
Cocktails-Jesperian Way.jpg 50x Jesperian way Mocktail
Plasma-Jurassic plasma.jpg Jurassic plasma Plasma
Cameras-Kaleidoscope camera.jpg Kaleidoscope camera Camera
Keys-Library key.jpg Library key Key
Companions icon-Lightning dragon whelp.png Lightning dragon whelp   Companion
Companions icon-Little bronto.png Little bronto Companion
Icons-Little ghost elephant.png Little ghost elephant Companion
Little Nessy.png Little Nessy   Companion
Phoenix nessy icon.png Little phoenix Companion
Companions icon-Little stego.png Little stego Companion
Companions icon-Little T-rex.png Little T-rex Companion
Mixers-Lucid lemonade.jpg 20x Lucid lemonade Mixer
Contracts-Maggie may the medium.jpg Maggie May the medium Contract
Resources-Mighty chrono crystal.jpg Mighty chrono crystal Accessory
Mini robot icon.png Mini robot   Companion
Icons-Murderous dragon whelp.png Murderous dragon whelp Companion
Mixers-Mystery milk.jpg 20x Mystery milk Mixer
Accessories-Nightmare shard.jpg Nightmare shard Accessory
Contracts-Olinda primrose.jpg Olinda Primrose the quiet Contract
Accessories-Opal pendant.jpg Opal pendant Accessory
Cameras-Phone camera.jpg Phone camera Camera
Pixie icon.png   Pixie Companion
Icons-Pink spooky.png Pink spooky Companion
Keys-Pinnacle key.jpg Pinnacle key Key
Mechanism-Poisonous scorpions.jpg Poisonous scorpions Mechanism
Icons-Purple fish.png Purple fish   Companion
Lenses-Quadra square lens.jpg     Quadra square lens Lenses
Icons-Raiding dragon whelp.png Raiding dragon whelp Companion
Companions icon-Raindrop.png Raindrop companion Companion
Keys-Red ID card.jpg 1x Red ID card Key
Lenses-Red round lens.jpg     Red round lens Lenses
Cocktails-Ruby Tuesday.jpg 50x Ruby tuesdays Mocktail
Icons-Sacred dragon whelp.png Sacred dragon whelp Companion
Accessories-Sapphire pendant.jpg Sapphire pendant Accessory
Document-SAW 1.jpg SAW.1   Contract document
Document-SAW 2.jpg SAW.2   Contract document
Document-SAW 3.jpg SAW.3   Contract document
Mixers-Screaming strawberry juice.jpg 20x Screaming strawberry juice Mixer
Magic potions-Shadetouch purple.jpg Shadetouch purple (50 bottles) Magic potions
Magic potions-Shadetouch blue.jpg Shadetouch blue (100 bottles) Magic potions
Keys-Show room ticket.jpg Show room ticket Key
Companions icon-Siamese ghost kitty.png Siamese ghost kitty   Companion
Mixers-Silver screen juice.jpg 20x Silver screen juice Mixer
Keys-Skeleton key.jpg Skeleton key Key
Mechanism-Slapping machine.jpg Slapping machine Mechanism
Mechanisms-Snow-covered ether portal.jpg Snow-covered ether portal   Mechanism
Companion icon-Snow dragon whelp.png Snow dragon whelp   Companion
Accessories-Snowglobe.jpg Snowglobe   Accessory
Icons-Snow owl.png Snow owl   Companion
ID badges-Spectral agent.jpg Spectral agent ID badges
Cameras-Spy camera.jpg Spy camera Camera
Companion icon-Starlight dragon whelp.png Starlight dragon whelp   Companion
Accessories-Steel safe.jpg Steel safe Accessory
Contracts-Steve tamer of unicorns.jpg Steve, tamer of unicorns Contract
ID badges-Sunshine agent.jpg Sunshine agent ID badge
Contract-Tracy Queen.jpg Tracy Queen Contract
Talent trees-Talent resetter.png Talent re-setter Talent re-setter
Magic circles-Traffic lights.jpg Traffic lights Magic circle
Lenses-Traffic light lens.jpg     Traffic light lens Lenses
Cauldrons-Triassic cauldron.jpg Triassic cauldron Cauldron
Twilight dragon whelp nessy icon.png Twilight dragon whelp   Companion
Lenses-Uv gg square lens.png     Ultraviolet gausgreen square lens Lenses
Llenses-Uv gg vintage hexagon lens.png     UV-GG Vintage Hexagon lense Lenses
Lenses-Uv iy square lens.png     Ultraviolet infrayellow square lens Lenses
Lenses-Uv round lens.png     Ultraviolet round lens Lenses
Lenses-Uv iy gg hexagon lens.png     Ultraviolet Infrayellow Gaus-green hexagon lens Lenses
Cameras-Underwater camera.jpg Underwater camera Camera
Companion icons-Vampire dragon whelp.png Vampire dragon whelp Companion
ID badges-Verdant agent.jpg Verdant agent ID badge
Contract-Vilevere.jpg Vilevere Contract
Accessories-Vintage flashbulb.jpg Vintage flashbulb Accessory
Lenses- Vintage round lens.jpg Vintage round lens Lenses
Flashlights-Violet flashlight.jpg Violet flashlight Accessory
Mechanisms-White noise recorder.jpg White noise recorder Mechanism
Mechanisms-Winter wonderland ghost bus.jpg Winter wonderland ghost bus Mechanism
Accessories-Working light.png Working light Accessory
Flashlights-Yellow flashlight.jpg Yellow flashlight Accessory

Icons-Amber fragment.png  Icons-Blood plasma.png  Icons-Crystal fragments.png  Icons-Dogtag.png  Icons-Elemental plasma.png  Icons-Ghost birdie.png  Icons-Ghost hamster.png  Icons-Ghost doe.png  Icons-Ghost pony.png  Icons-Diviad points.png  Icons-Ghost plasma.png  Document-IG 1.jpg   Document-IG 2.jpg  Icons-Joker card.png  Icons-Jurassic plasma.png  Icons-Magic wood.png  Icons-Nightmare token.png  Currency-SCOTCH badge.jpg  Icons-Uncut lens.pngIcons-Snowflake.png   


In Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop your items can be purchased with one or more of the types of currency shown above and listed below, depending on the item:

  • Ghost British pounds (GBP / £)

"*Russian meteorites


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