Basilisk pit

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Basilisk pit
Mechanism-Basilisk pit.jpg
Arcane mechanism
Attribute icon-Raw power.png    Power: 135 
Mystic power    Mystic power:
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −1 min 
 Magic ritual    Magic ritual: +4 min  
Attribute icon-XP.png    XP required: 120,000 
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £800,000 

Attribute icon-Costs.png Refund value: (240,000 £)



Basilisks have the power to petrify everything they look at, an ability that also works on ghosts.


You must have 120,000 XP to purchase and use the basilisk pit mechanism.

Additional information


The basilisk pit mechanism can be purchased in:


The basilisk pit is an arcane trap mechanism.

Magic ritual


The basilisk pit mechanism can be modified by negotiating a contract with:


  • 18 February 2009: The basilisk pit could first be purchased by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 28 March 2009: The cost of the basilisk pit is reduced from £1,000,000 to £800,000.
  • 13 February 2010: The refund value of the basilisk pit is reduced from £400,000 to £240,000.
  • 23 May 2016: The basilisk pit was buffed with Magic ritual.

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