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An augmentation is a small boost to a common stat or the addition of an additional stat or additional loothunter that can be added to companions once they have reached level 5.

The augmentations that your level 5 companion receives are totally random and you have no control over them.

You do not have to augment your companion. It is a choice you can make.

Standard number of augmentations

You can give your level 5 companion one to three augmentations if you want. You are not required to add augmentations to any companion!

GUI-Love bar full.png

Fourth augmentation

You can give your companion an additional augmentation slot by giving it companion gifts (so that you receive affection points from it) until its lovebar is filled.


Standard cost to augment

Each augmentation normally costs 1000 Nessy's or 50 ghost plasma.

Talent trees-Gambler on.png
Talent tree cost

If you select the gambler talent from the buster talent tree (requires at least 10 points assigned to the buster tree), then each augmentation will cost 900 Nessy's or 40 ghost plasma instead of the normal charges.

How-to augment

The augmentation button can be reached through the laboratory on the first floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ or can be found at the bottom of your companions page in inventory (Inventory Blue arrow right.png Companion from the main menus).

Your currently-equipped companion is the one that will get the bonus when you press the augmentation button at the bottom of your companions page.

Reminder: Each augmentation costs 50 pieces of ghost plasma or 1000 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve (unless you have the gambler talent in your talent tree setup).

Hate your augments?

If you hate the augmentations your companion receives, you can (for a price) deaugment your companion and remove all its augmentations if you are that unhappy with them. You receive no refund on the augmentations you have made. And you can't pick and chose which augments to remove—you have to remove them all.

Index to augmentations

Augmentation details

Augmentations are small additional bonuses added to common stats to enhance your setup.

You can choose your augmentations from the normal pool of augmentations, or from supergroup 1 augmentations,, or from supergroup 2 augmentations.

Loothunter augmentations

Loothunter augmentations increase the number of special edition bottles or other loot that you can receive as a drop. Each loothunter is specific to one type of loot, except for the special editions loothunter which increases the size of any non-Nessy magic potion or mocktail drop.

Each loothunter augmentation can only be added once to any particular companion.

Only some consumable items (currency, bait, etc.) have loothunter augmentations. For many of those consumable items, there is a standard-issue loothunter that comes with one or more companions, contracts, or accessories, but you cannot increase the number of that item that get dropped with an augmentation.




If you are dissatisfied with the augments your companion received, you can remove them with the deaugmentator.

Using the deaugmentator removes ALL of the augmentations from a companion. You can not pick and choose which attributes will be removed. It's all or nothing.

Once the original attributes are removed, you can try augmenting your companion again.

After using the deaugmentator, your companion will remain at level 5.

How to deaugment

To deaugment your companion type DEAUGMENT (all caps) in the deaugmentator box.

The deaugmentator itself is consumed in the deaugmentation process.

You must acquire a new deaugmentator for each companion whose attributes you want to remove.

Deaugmentation using Nessy's

GUI-Deaugment with nessys.png

You can use 1000 Nessy's Golden Reserve to deaugment a companion.

You must still have at least one deaugmentator in your inventory to be able to deaugment using Nessy's.

To deaugment using Nessy's follow these steps:

  • Select the button next to "Use 1000 Nessy's"
  • Type the word "DEAUGMENT" (minus the quote marks) in the box
  • Click on the red "Deaugmentate" button


There are five ways you can acquire a deaugmentator.

Bayoushi's shop

The deaugmentator is on sale in Lady Ayoumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for a combination of currencies:

Amber fragment Blood plasma Chrono crystal fragment Diviad points Dogtags Elemental plasma German meteorite Ghost plasma Ionized plasma Joker card Jurassic plasma Magic wood Meteorite Nightmare token Nightmare crystal Russian meteorite Sacred plasma Scotch badge Snowflake Uncut lens Xeno plasma Icons-Pound.jpg
30 40 20 100 20
Special mission reward

You can occasionally receive a deaugmentator as part of the reward for completing a special mission.


You can receive 5 deaugmentators as a thank-you gift when you make a one-time donation to Diviad in support of Ghost Trappers. See the in-game Donations page for additional details about pricing and currency options.

Both the deaugmentators and 1,000 bottles of Nessy's will be transferred to your inventory as soon as the transaction is completed.


The boss in the Olympic stadium raid location, the Sprint ghost, occasionally drops a deaugmentator as loot.


You may occasionally find a companion augmentations when you open a lucky box, mystery box, or enigma box.


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