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Livefeed is where you can find a list of all of the monsters that your friends are currently trying to trap.

The livefeed button is found directly below your current cauldron.

Livefeed shows you up to 30 monsters that your friends are currently trying to trap. If more than 30 of your friends are trying to trap monsters, you can refresh your livefeed after you assist the first 30 players.

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When you click on the Assist button, you give your friend one of the clicks they need to accumulate towards catching their monster and you receive 100 GBP and 50 XP as reward.

You may also receive a piece of assist loot.

The treasure hunter stat on your setup slightly increases your chance to find assist loot.


Refresh the livefeed

Livefeed monsters are shown with the most recent ones first.

The monsters that are most in need of help are, therefore, at the end of your livefeed. It's a good thing to use the refresh button at least occasionally to make sure you hit the monsters that are most in need of clicks.

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You can also re-post a friend's monster link to your wall so that other people who also play Ghost Trappers can help them catch their monster.

Assist loot

When you assist a friend by clicking on their ghost monster, you have a chance to receive assist loot. Assist loot is a small thank-you for supporting the social gaming aspect of Ghost Trappers.

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Among the items you may receive as assist loot are:

Loot multipliers and loot hunter

The treasure hunter stat increases the chance to receive assist loot.

Many players will also use a loot chance multiplier when they are trying to receive more assist loot.

A loot-hunter attribute however does not affect an assist loot bonus.

Getting help

Assist groups

If you don't have enough people on your friends list to help you complete your monsters quickly, you can also post your monster link to one of the assist groups that can be found through the forums.

A few of the current assist groups include:

Add more friends yourself

You can also add more people to your friends list by checking out the Add members to your team forum within the game.

Once you have become FB friends with someone, and added them to your team (Invite & friends Blue arrow right.png My team Blue arrow right.png Click here if you want all of your friends who already play Ghost Trappers to join your team.) you can delete them from your friends list if you prefer. (Use the FB Ghost trappers version for this task because of problems with the way FB transmits friend information to the applications.)


  • 24 May 2010: Livefeed was launched.
  • 7 June 2010: Livefeed was re-launched.
  • 17 November 2010: Assist loot was added to Ghost Trappers.
  • 11 June 2014: The number of assist clicks required to capture each monster has been reduced by 10%.

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