Anniversary ghost

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Anniversary ghost

Ghosts-10th anniversary ghost.jpg   Ghosts-9th anniversary ghost.jpg

8th anniversary ghost   7th anniversary ghost

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Seasonal special ghosts
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1st anniversary ghost

2nd anniversary ghost

3rd anniversary ghost

4th anniversary ghost

5th anniversary ghost

6th anniversary ghost

7th anniversary ghost

8th anniversary ghost

9th anniversary ghost

10th anniversary ghost

The current Anniversary ghost.

Additional information


The current anniversary ghost can be captured on 2 January each year in all then-open non-raiding locations:

Since 2011, the current anniversary ghost can also be captured in the winter wonderland, since 2013, at the North Pole and in 2018, at the Christmas bakery.

Non-current Anniversary ghosts

The non-current Anniversary ghosts can be captured throughout the year by using an Anniversary glyph in the Summoning room.


The current Anniversary ghost has been known to occasionally drop the following ghost loot:


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