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Amber fragment
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Amber fragment is a type of ghost loot that can be used to purchase items from Bayoushi's shop.


The items that can be purchased with amber fragments, and other currencies include a number of accessories (special items with stats) from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ and mechanisms and magic circles from the Q-section and laboratory section of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ outposts in Castle McDeigh and in Burningham Castle.

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Locations and ghosts

Amber fragment is occasionally dropped as ghost loot by the following ghosts:

Ghost Region Location Special event
Amethyst gargoyle     Amethyst gargoyle
Fife McDuff lighthouse Only during Haunted week special events
Blue oyster reaper     Blue oyster reaper
Dumfries and Galloway Castle McIngverson Only during Haunted week special events You must have a traditional mechanism (or a companion that helps you to trap these ghosts) to trap this ghost
Bonfire ghost     Bonfire ghost
Fife Burningham Castle Vintage attraction Extinguish
Buckingham palace UFO     Buckingham palace UFO
Alien visitors England
Card dealer ghost     Card dealer ghost
Virtual Scotland All non raiding locations Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png
Cloudwalker ghost     Cloudwalker ghost
Virtual Scotland In the clouds Cloudwalking
Clumsy grinch     Clumsy grinch
Dumfries and Galloway North Pole During Celebration week special events only
Cobalt gargoyle     Cobalt gargoyle
Fife McDuff lighthouse Only during Haunted week special events
Crazy physicist ghost     Crazy physicist ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Da Ba Dee ghost     Da Ba Dee ghost
Central Gloamin Tower Beta-ray blue Brute force
altFoundry worker ghost     Foundry worker ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
alt-Gameskeeper ghost     Gameskeeper ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Ghillie ghost     Ghillie ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Golden gargoyle     Golden gargoyle
Central Boiler room During Celebration week special events only
Harp ghost     Harp ghost
Fife Symphonic ghost orchestra Raid location
#yologhost ghost     Hashtag yologhost ghost
Virtual Scotland Summoning room Oddball glyph Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png
Must have completed the hieroglyphics collection before you can attract the #yologhost ghost
Icy chaosmage     Icy chaosmage
Fife Castle McDeigh
Killer laptop     Killer laptop
Virtual Scotland All non-raiding locations Ionized plasma
Loom ghost     Loom ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Physicist ghost     Physicist ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Queen alien     Queen alien
Alien visitors England
Relative physicist ghost     Relative physicist ghost
Fife Glenclose mine GG
Three wish witch ghost     Three wish witch ghost
Virtual Scotland All non raiding locations
Tweed maker ghost     Tweed maker ghost
Fife Glenclose mine
Wanted loom ghost     Wanted loom ghost
Fife Glenclose mine IY


Some companions, bait, and contracts come pre-equipped with a amber fragment loot hunter:

Item Type Power type if relevant Amber fragment
Amazon Hippolyta     Amazon Hippolyta
Contract Bio 1
Caudell     Caudell
Mocktail 1
Droid whelp     Droid whelp
Companion 1
gar Gargoyle companion     Gargoyle companion
Companion 1
ghmol Ghost mole     Ghost mole
Companion 1
ghpit Ghost pit pony     Ghost pit pony
Companion 1
fir FGhost robin     Ghost robin
Companion 2
Little ghost orca     Little ghost orca
Companion 1
mininMining dragon whelp     Mining dragon whelp
Companion 2
The Eggsterminator     The Eggsterminator
Contract Magic circle 1
WhiteWhite knight     The white knight
Contract Infernal 1

Add-on loothunter bonuses

The items in the table below have amber fragment loothunter bonuses that only activate if you have one of the companions, bait, or contracts listed above in your active setup. For you to receive these additional loothunter bonuses, the collection shown would need to be complete, not disabled, and on display in the Exhibition and/or the accessory shown would need to be in your inventory and not disabled.

Item Type Power type if relevant Amber fragment

Plague doctor mask     Plague doctor mask
Accessory 1
Secret gargoyle wing collection     Secret gargoyle wing collection
Collection bonus 1


You can also gain a loothunter amber fragment on any companion if you receive one while augmenting that companion.


  • 7 January 2012: Amber fragments showed up in Bayoushi's shop as a currency needed (in part) to purchase some new accessories.

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