Alysha, she-devil

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Alysha, she-devil
Contracts-Alysha she-devil.jpg
Infernal contract
Raw power    Power bonus: 2  
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 2  
Loot chance multiplier     Loot chance multiplier: x2  
 Purify    Purify bonus: 3% 
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −2 min 



Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Only an evil seductress understands how to handle infernal traps and how to go on the hunt for she-devil ghosts.

Contract effects

The Alysha, she-devil contract gives you the following benefits for your trap:



Alysha, she-devil is an infernal contract and therefore works only with infernal trap mechanisms.


The Alysha, she-devil contract can be used to modify these mechanisms:



You receive the Alysha, she-devil contract as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation in support of the future development of Ghost Trappers. See the in-game Donations page for additional details about pricing and currency options.

ID badges-Infernal agent.jpg You will also receive the special infernal agent ID card.

The Alysha, she-devil contract, the ID card, and the appropriate number of bottles of Nessy's and Shadetouch crates for your donation will be transferred to your inventory once the transaction is completed.


  • 7 April 2011: The Alysha, she-devil contract became available as a thank-you when you make a donation.

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