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All non-raiding, non-AV locations



"All non-raiding locations" is our shorthand for the locations in which most agents spend the vast majority of their time—the locations in each region that are neither raiding locations nor special events locations. All non-raiding locations also does not include England.

Cash and XP rewards

Rainbow ghosts

In addition to their XP and £££ rewards, the rainbow ghosts (once known as "prize ghosts" because they gave a real-world cash reward). These ghosts are very very rare and only very occasionally available.

Ghost Type XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum
Rainbow ghost Special rainbow ghost 50 100 120 200
Magic Rainbow ghost Special midnight rainbow ghost 50 100 120 200
Aurora ghost Special rainbow ghost 50 100 120 200

Golden ghosts

These ghosts can be found in all non-raiding, non-av locations during special events and in the non-raiding special events locations when they are open (such as during Haunted Week 7). The golden ghosts often drop new or special pieces of loot.

Ghost Type XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum
Golden ghost Special event 450 700 1200 1900
Shiny golden ghost Midnight special event 450 700 1200 1900

Gift ghosts

The gift ghosts are ghosts one agent of S.C.O.T.C.H. can send to another.

The gift ghosts give the person who catches them a fixed amount of XP (experience points) and ££ (Ghost Britain Pounds). The person who is sent one of these special ghosts also receives a gift of 20 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve.

The Christmas elf ghost gift ghost is only available in the Christmas holiday season each year.

Ghost Type XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum
Birthday ghost Special gift 300 300 500 500
Christmas elf ghost Special gift 300 300 500 500
Friendship ghost Special gift 300 300 500 500
Love ghost Special gift 300 300 500 500

Common goal-buff ghosts

The common goal-buff ghosts are occasionally released after a common goal is successfully completed and a special buff is applied.

The common goal-buff ghosts each have their own type of special loot that they may drop during their very occasional visits to Virtual Scotland.

Ghost Type XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum Special loot
Ethereal ghost Special 300 500 400 500 EG.1, EG.2 & EG.3 contract documents
Misty ethereal ghost Special Ethereal cow companion
Raging demon ghost Special Little devil companion
Stargazer ghost Special CEU.1, CEU.2, CEU.3 & CEU.4 contract documents


Monster ghosts of all types are attracted to your trap by your set-up alone, but they then can only be finally captured with the help of other agents.

Each of the several monster ghost types have their own pages, and the rewards info for the monsters are on those specific pages:


Many of the ghosts listed above have special loot that they occasionally drop. Please see the specific ghost page or the specific type of special ghost page for details on the different loot drops.

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