Adventure key

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Adventure key
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In your inventory, the Adventure key gives hints to its purpose:

A key to the Digital Room (Nightmare Mode) in Castle McDonohan


The Adventure key gives you the ability to fall through a trapdoor located in Castle McDonohan (region 3, Strathclyde) and arrive at the Digital room.

Additional information


You can acquire the adventure key if it is dropped for you as loot by the Teleporter ghost.

You may also acquire the adventure key as part of the reward for completing a special mission.


Once you have acquired it, the adventure key travel token can be found in the Keys & Tickets part of your inventory.


You cannot sell or trade a adventure key travel token.


  • 4 July 2018: The adventure key was first mentioned by Andi in a news post about the World Cup 2018 final 8 ghosts.

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