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Negotiating a contract

Once you have all the documents required to complete a contract, click the "Office" tab from the S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ page. When you find the correct contract, click on "negotiate contract" and it will be added to your inventory. You will then be able to make the contract active through the "Contracts" tab in your inventory.

Contract attributes

About contracts have different effects on different mechanism categories (Arcane, High tech, Traditional, Biological, Infernal) or on a magic circle. You can only have one contract active at any given time. Different contracts will have different effects. Some contracts balance a very high bonus of one type with a negative effect on another.

The trap attributes a contract can affect in a trap set-up include:

  • Cash bonus — this attribute gives you a percentage increase on the money you receive for each ghost you catch;
  • XP bonus — this attribute gives you a percentage increase on the XP you receive for each ghost you catch;
  • Loot chance multiplier — this attribute multiplies the normal chances of receiving a loot drop each time you catch a ghost. The normal chance to get a loot drop is expressed as 1x. 1.5x is a 50% increase in your chances of getting a particular type of loot dropped; 2x is a 100% increase in your chances of getting a particular type of loot dropped;
  • Raw power — raw power attribute's values are added to or subtracted from the base power of your trap;
  • Mystic power — mystic power attributes are added to or subtracted from the mystic power of your trap;
  • Attraction bonus — an attraction bonus is separate from the attraction rate of your bait. An attraction bonus increases your chances of attracting rarer ghosts;
  • Midnight attraction chance — a midnight attraction attribute gives you a percentage chance of catching midnight hour ghosts at other times of the day.
  • Cooldown change — cooldown changes are added to or subtracted from the hunting cooldown time for your base set-up;
  • Efficiency (Burner/Anti-burner) — a burner effect causes the mechanism or circle to use 1 additional bottle of bait for each hunt, while the anti-burner effect reduces the bait requirements caused by a burner component by one bottle.

Also see attribute interactions to find out how contract attributes, companion attributes, and your basic trap set-up interact.

Activating a contract

Button Activate contract.jpg

To activate a contract, you must first navigate to the "contracts" section of your inventory. Once there, find the contract you would like to activate and click the "activate contract" button. After a contract has been activated, it attaches to any trap mechanism of the appropriate type or to any magic circle you own.

Contract attributes will not be applied to your trap setup if the wrong type of mechanism or magic circle is armed. You can switch a contract for another at any time. You also have the ability to deactivate the contract at any time.

Turning a contract "off"

You can effectively turn a contract off by:

  • deactivating the contract (so that you have no contract active).
  • switching to a different type of trap mechanism from the type your contract works with (If you switch back to a trap mechanism that is of the same type as your contract, the contract will automatically be reactivated).
  • getting another contract so you can switch the contract you don't want activated to one that you do.

Activating another contract does not cause your previous contracts to disappear. It simply switches which contract is active and visible on the main GT screens. All contracts are stored in your inventory when not in use and you can see the contract you are not currently using there.

Example of switching mechanisms

Freezer (High tech mechanism) + SOD (High tech contract) = SOD contract activated.
Skeleton coach (Traditional mechanism) + SOD (High tech contract) = SOD deactivated (no bonus applies).
Black hole (High tech mechanism) + SOD (High tech contract) = SOD contract automatically activated.

Deactivating a contract

Button Deactivate contract.jpg

You can deactivate your current contract by clicking on the "deactivate contract" button. This will disarm your contract and the contract space on the main GT screen will look like this:


When you deactivate a contract, it remains in your inventory until the next time you want to use it. You do not lose that contract forever.

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