2018 seasonal special ghost calendar

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When in 2018 will the various seasonal special ghosts appear in Virtual Scotland? (All dates and occasions are tentative. Unless and until one of these ghosts is spotted in Virtual Scotland, consider this information educated guessing!)

Date Ghost Midnight ghost Possible souvenir drop
zlll31 December2017–1 January 2018
New Year's ghost 2018     New Year's ghost 2018
aa2 January 2018
9th Anniversary ghost     9th anniversary ghost
01-2626 January 2018
Australia ghost     Australia ghost
02-1414 February 2018
Ghost headshots-Valentine ghost.png     Valentine ghost
Heart-shaped arrow
16 February 2018
Chinese new year's ghost     Chinese new year's ghost
03-1414 March 2018
Ghost headshots-Peter ghost.png     Peter ghost
03-1717 March 2018
St Patrick's ghost     St. Patrick's ghost
Four-leaf clover
1 April 2018
Ghost headshots-Easter bunny ghost.png     Easter Bunny ghost
Ghost headshots-Hopping easter bunny ghost.png     Hopping Easter Bunny ghost
Easter egg
01-1313 April 2018
Superstitious ghost     Superstitious ghost
e19 April, 2018
Royal wedding ghosts     Royal wedding ghosts
Cup of tea (in honor of the new prince's birth)
06-2020 June 2018
Ghost headshots-Elaine ghost.png     Elaine ghost
07-011 July 2018
Ghost headshots-Canadian ghost.png     Canadian ghost
Canadian flag
4 July 2018
Ghost headshots-4th of july ghost.png     Fourth of July ghost
Ghost headshots-Independent 4th of july ghost.png     Independent Fourth of July ghost
American flag
9 July 2018
Ghost headshots-Andi ghost.png     Andi ghost
Quill souvenir
13 July 2018
Superstitious ghost     Superstitious ghost
31 July 2018
Ghost headshots-Daniel ghost.png     Daniel ghost
Graphic tablet
22 September 2018
Ghost headshots-Oktoberfest geist.png     Oktoberfest Geist
Ghost headshots-Zunftiger oktoberfest geist.png     Zünftiger Oktoberfest Geist
Hat with gamsbart
29 September 2018
Ghost headshots-Dirndl geist 1.png     Dirndl geist
Ghost headshots-Fescher dirndl geist.png     Fescher dirndl geist
7 October 2018
Ghost headshots-Candyfloss ghost.png     Candyfloss ghost
13 October 2018
Superstitious ghost     Superstitious ghost
31 October 2018
Ghost headshots-Halloween ghost.png     Halloween ghost
Ghost headshots-Jack o lantern ghost.png     Jack-o-lantern ghost
Killer knife
4 November 2018
Ghost headshots-Guy fawkes ghost.png     Guy Fawkes ghost
Ghost headshots-Vendetta ghost.png     Vendetta ghost
22 December 2018
Ghost headshots-Michael ghost.png     Michael ghost
25 December 2018
Ghost headshots-Santa ghost.png     Santa ghost
Wrapped present

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