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December 2011

When What

21 December 2011 New and updated:

21 December 2011 Celebration week 3: Celebration week 3 arrived a couple of days ahead of schedule (as usual). The new winter wonderland location opened for cw3, and included a number of new ghosts, loot drops, etc.

8 December 2011 'Talent trees tweaked: Minor changes were made to the talent trees, including revamping the number of points that could be assigned to particular talents.

5 December 2011 Training room: In conjunction with the introduction of talent trees, the 9th floor training room was opened.

5 December 2011 Talent trees: A new game feature, talent trees, was introduced.

November 2011

When What

28 November 2011 Waraxe: Diviad celebrated the release of its fourth game, Waraxe with the introduction of the waraxe ghost, available for 24 hours.

28 November 2011 Maß malt juice: Maß malt juice became available for trading through the trading post.

7 November 2011 Haunted week 7 ended and an official announcement about celebration week 3 was made.

October 2011

When What

24 October 2011 Haunted week 7 started and functional changes:

21 October 2011 Chat revived: The ghost trappers chat was reincarnated in a new body.

7 October 2011 Donate for a friend: Players gained the ability to purchase an entire donation package, including both Nessy's and thank-you gift, for a friend.

September 2011

When What

8 September 2011 Anti-burner accessory: The first accessory with an anti-burner, the opal pendant, was introduced.

August 2011

When What

29 August 2011 Scarwood forest: The next location in Fife, the Scarwood forest opened to players with at least 30,000,000 XP. A new type of currency was introduced, magic wood, which can only be gotten from loot drops and mission rewards.

16 August 2011 Big functional update:
  • Additional saved setup slots
  • Improved livefeed
  • Shredder
  • Ability to disable souvenir collections
  • New contract

July 2011

When What

21 July 2011 Flowers of Scotland: The new flowers of Scotland collection was introduced.

14 July 2011 Sanguine scent buffs: A number of items had their sanguine scent amounts adjusted upwards.

13 July 2011 Vampire lords and ladies introduced: Seven strong vampire lords and ladies were introduced, along with the blood plasma needed to attract them, the new blood cauldrons to hold the plasma, and many other items. Sanguine scent is the official attractant for the new vamps.

Also added to the game: new contracts, companions, bait, a recipe, a new collection, and a new accessory, the blood pendant.

June 2011

When What

20 June 2011 GT becomes a FB connect app: The preferred link for players is now FB connect GT. Players using that link receive an additional minute off their cooldown (although still with a 2 minute minimum required) and have access to special daily rewards.
7 June 2011 Illuminati ghost released: The first ghost that requires 100+ mystic power to catch was released, along with an exclusive souvenir collection.

May 2011

When What

30 May 2011 Diviad toolbar released: The old GT toolbar was re-worked and re-released as the Diviad toolbar.

25 May 2011 Show room opened: The show room, home to ghosts who are very familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, opened.

13 May 2011 Sternham castle opened: Sternham castle, the first location in region 5, Fife, opened.

April 2011

When What

16 April 2011 Haunted week VI extended: Haunted Week VI was extended until April 18.

7 April 2011 Haunted Week VI started early: Haunted Week VI, scheduled to start on 9 April 2011, started two days early.

1 April 2011 GT now in 3D: 'Nuff said.

March 2011

When What

29 March 2011 Elemental cave: The new raid location, Elemental cave was introduced for players with 400,000 XP and more. Also introduced: new ghosts, contracts, companions, bait, and a new type of plasma which at the moment has no purpose.

16 March 2011 St Patrick's Day and leprechaun's luck: The new stat leprechaun's luck was introduced, along with the temporary appearance of the souvenir-dropping St. Patrick's ghost.

8 March 2011 HW6 announced: The dates for the next haunted week special event were announced, as well as announcements of various small game changes to come soon.

February 2011

When What

13–15 February 2011 Valentine: Valentine ghost dropped a souvenir, the cost to gift a love ghost was temporarily reduced, and the little cupid ghost companion along with several other items, gained the new attribute purify.

January 2011

When What

25 January 2011 Augmentations: New companion augmentations are introduced (new loot hunter attributes, purify and monsterhunter).

19 January 2011 Deaugmentator: A deaugmentator is introduced to allow agents to remove a set of augmentations fro a companion.

Hells bells mechanism gains a -3 minutes cooldown change.

Mixer prices in Bayoushi's shop change to badges and the number of bottles that can be bought is increased.

18 January 2011 Badges: S.C.O.T.C.H. badges are introduced as another new form of in-game currency.

Layout change: Contracts become sorted by type rather than by name.

17 January 2011 Introduction of power buffs: Agents can now receive small power buffs (+3 raw and + 3 mystic) to their setups by gaining 10 clicks each on wall links.

Ghost birdies: Ghost birdies became a new type of currency in Bayoushi's shop.

10 January 2011 Release of Crows Hills Sanatorium: The release of the final area of the third location in Lothian coincided with a number of other game changes:

2 January 2011 State of Ghost Trappers: Andi Huller posted a long message in the forums describing the events of 2010 in Ghost Trappers, as well as giving us a few hints of what may be in store in 2011.

2 January 2011 Happy 2nd anniversary Ghost Trappers!

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