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December 2010

When What

21 December 2010 Celebration week II started: A much more low-key event than in 2009.

New items include:

News flash: The developers take a vacation, for the first time in two years. Diviad developers will be on vacation between 22 December 2010 and 9 January 2011.

2 December 2010 Ticket trader becomes ticket and document trader: Some documents, molding pieces, and blueprints can now be exchanged for ghost plasma on a 1-to-1 basis in the office now.

Non-tradeable items can be redeemed in this way, although 1 copy must remain in your inventory.

Extra tickets to Lothian can be traded for juices now.

November 2010

When What

30 November 2010 New profile pages introduced: The profile page that FB dropped has been reworked and added to the "My team" screen. Friends can see your current setup and all ghosts caught.


29 November 2010 Celebration week 2 announced: Celebration week II will be held 22 December 2010–2 January 2011.

17 November 2010 Assist loot and common goal incentive: Emphasizing social gaming aspects a bit more.

Assist loot: Helping a fellow agent catch a ghost monster or ghost dino monster gives a chance at receiving assist loot.

Devoted agent id: The 10 agents who catch the most ghosts towards each week's common goal will receive a new devoted agent ID.

Dark arts: The challenge in using an infernal mechanism is introduced: dark arts.

11 November 2010 Poll on things to come: Andi Huller put up an informal poll on the way future regions should be set up (4 locations, no keys, 3 locatins with levels, etc.).

As with all such things, results are non-binding.

2 November 2010 Completed collections can now be posted to the exhibition: Completed collections can now be displayed in the Exhibition on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

October 2010

When What

28 October 2010 Haunted Week V began: Usual features, plus new:

Chrono dragon whelp is first companion with a -4 minute t/sc.

12 October 2010 GT tutorial comic introduced: A new comic-book style tutorial for the game of Ghost Trappers and how to play it was introduced.

11 October 2010 Float: Ghosts learned how to fly into view for intrepid trappers after they have been caught.

5 October 2010 Forums: GT made a final move to forums on its own site.

September 2010

When What

13 September 2010 A new raid location: A third raiding location in Region 2 Borders, the lost island, opens with 5 new raid ghosts.

Ghost dino monsters: New type of ghost monsters are released requiring a new kind of plasma (jurassic plasma) and a new type of cauldron (jura atomizer) to attract.

New game elements include:

New donation thank-you items are released:

August 2010

When What

16 August 2010 Duke Leyton Castle opens: The second location in Region 4 Lothian, Duke Leyton Castle opens with 3 levels:

See the Duke Leyton pages for additional information.

Purchase price of the Max E. Million mechanism is slashed.

New thank-you companions for donations become available:

2 August 2010 Buff to Nessy's Platinum Edition: Nessy's platinum edition stats are buffed; see the NPE page for details.

July 2010

When What

13–14 July 2010 Database reworked: An influx of players for Haunted Week IV caused server issues and downtime that were remedied by a total re-work of the database behind Ghost Trappers.

13 July 2010 Haunted Week IV began: Haunted Week IV kicked off early (it was scheduled to begin on 15 July 2010) and was extended to run through 24 July 2010 (scheduled end date was 22 July 2010) to compensate for downtime at the beginning.

8 July 2010 Andi ghost re-released for Andi's birthday: In honor of GT's developer, the Andi ghost has shown his presence in Virtual Sctoland and is dropping documents to a new contract, aptly named The chairman.

The chairman contract is released: All agents can receive all of the documents required to hire the chairman to help level their companions more quickly.

7 July 2010 Facebook development principles disallow all references to alcohol: Bait names, descriptions, and some ghost descriptions were all changed to comply with Facebook development principles, rather than to impose age restrictions on those playing Ghost Trappers. Whiskys are now known as magic potions, cocktails are referred to as mocktails and many ghost names and images have been changed. See the recent Developer news for more details.

4 July 2010 Pet trainers have arrived: 4 new contracts that can speed up the levelling process of companions have arrived:

Give your companions some crunchy treats: Peter's plasma crunchies became available via donation and also speed up the levelling process of companions.

June 2010

When What

21 June 2010 Three minor functional changes are made to Ghost Trappers:
  • Companion names can now be changed for the cost of 1 Ghost plasma or 100 Nessy's.
  • ID cards now display their stats.
  • When you buy new bait it will not be automatically armed.

11 June 2010 Saved setups: You can now save up to 3 of your favorite setups to switch to them at any time with just one click.

Daily reward reminder: All agents will now see a reminded arrow on the menu telling them when it is time to click for their daily reward.

May 2010

When What

27 May 2010 Raiding burners: now only influence the person using the burner.

Cocktail mixing: has been made easier. The new GUI calculates the number of needed ingredients for you.

More malty mist: Malty mist attribute has been updated for the following:
Magic circles

Little Nessy price change: The Little Nessy companion now costs 75 ghost plasma in the store.

24 May 2010 Monster ghosts have been sighted all over virtual Scotland: Huge, terrifying, epic monsters have been sighted all over virtual Scotland. Although not all of them are ghosts, S.C.O.T.C.H. has been called upon by the government to help with this situation. Ghost monsters are such strong and fierce creatures, that it takes the efforts of many agents combined to trap them! To attract these Monster ghosts, cauldrons have been introduced to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. and are available for purchase.

New companions are released: The Amber dragon whelp and the Ghost pegasus companions are now available as a thank you for donating. The Amber dragon whelp is also available for purchase at Bayoushi's shop.

New attribute malty mist: Malty mist increases the chance an agent of S.C.O.T.C.H. will encounter a ghost monster. This attribute has been applied to the following items:

19 May 2010 MIA agents reactivation program: Agents who re-activate other agents who have been Missing-in-action are rewarded with dogtags which can be used to purchase chrono crystal fragments and ghost plasma in Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor.

XP requirement is lowered for R4 mechanisms and magic circles: The Damocles array can now be purchased as soon as an agent of S.C.O.T.C.H. has enough XP to enter Kirkyard: (6,500,000 XP). The Max E. Million and Bottled fireflies can now be purchased when an agent has acquired 7,000,000 XP.

10 May 2010 Companion overhaul part III: Augmentations: Agents now have the ability to augment their level 5 companions. Each level 5 companion can be augmented up to 3 times, with each augmentation costing 50 ghost plasmas or 1000 Nessy's.

April 2010

When What

19 April 2010 Chrono crystals introduced to the game: Chrono crystals enable power hunts (multiple hunts with no cooldown). The crystals can be used anytime, but only recharge when a player is not actively hunting.

Improved companion menu: The companion menu in the game now includes information on the current values for the attributes associated with each companion. Companions can no longer be released.

13 April 2010 Loot hunter attribute added to multiple companions: Some companions now have the attribute of loot hunter which will increase the amount of a certain item being dropped when it is dropped as ghost loot. These are the companions that have recently been given this attribute:

15 March -
11 April 2010
Many buffs applied: Over this time period, many attributes have been changed to companions, contracts, mechanisms and mocktails. For details, please see the following individual pages:

2 April 2010 Easter fledgling companion and the Easter Bunny ghost and Hopping Easter Bunny ghost: A new thank-you companion, the Easter fledgling, is introduced and the seasonal special ghosts, the Easter Bunny ghost and Hopping Easter Bunny ghost become available for 24 hours.

March 2010

When What

31 March 2010 Xmas and GT 1st anniversary mechanism/circles are now available in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ: Mechanisms and magic circles that were given to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. as gifts for Christmas and New Years, are now permanently available for purchase through S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ. Additional information about a specific mechanisms or magic circles can be found on their individual pages.

30 March 2010 The 9th floor opens:

16 March 2010 Leprechaun companion and St. Patrick's ghost: A new thank-you companion, the Leprechaun companion, is introduced and a seasonal special ghost, the St. Patrick's ghost becomes available for 24 hours.

13 March 2010 Kirkyard Cemetery opens: The first location in Region 4 Lothian, Kirkyard Cemetery opens with 3 levels: the cemetery itself, the morgue, and the crypt. The XP required to travel to this new location is 6,500,000 XP and the travel cost is 250,000 £. Some drops in the new location are untradeable.

5 March 2010 New XP requirements: The XP required to travel to Kilwittig House, Loch Muir, Castle McKenny, Wellsington Tower, Dormont Cemetery, Castle McDonohan, and Count Church are lowered in preparation for the opening of R4 Lothian.
  • The Ghost magnet mechanism and the Black candle magic circle now have a requirement of 500,000 XP before they can be assembled.

February 2010

When What

28 February 2010 New ID badges: New ID badges are available for purchase at the S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in all Strathclyde hunting locations.
New buffs added to ID badges: All ID badges (except for the Developer ID badge) are given attributes that can be added to an agent trap setup.

19 February 2010 Ghost Puzzlers iPhone Edition: The Ghost Puzzlers iPhone application is released.

13 February 2010 Little cupid ghost: A limited edition companion, the Little cupid ghost, is available as a thank-you for donating through 15 February. This companion can also be gifted to another player.
Love agent ID badge: A limited edition ID badge, the Love agent ID badge, is available as a thank-you for donating through 15 February.
New refund values: Mechanisms and magic circles now refund at the following rates:

8 February 2010 New Graphical User Interface (GUI): Ghost Trappers has a new GUI that better accommodates all of the many features that have been added since GT's interface was first released.

7 February 2010 Profiles: Ghost Trappers now has profiles that display an agent's setup, including companion and contract, and that show all of the ghosts caught in the game thus far. Reach the profile through the My team tab under Invites & Friends.

2 February 2010 Wax pyramids changes: The Wax pyramids 3/3 molding piece is dropped from the game and removed from the inventory of those players who owned it. Wax pyramids 1/3 and Wax pyramids 2/3 have been renamed to Wax pyramids 1/2 and Wax pyramids 2/2, respectively.

January 2010

When What

23 January 2010 Raiding changes:

Leaders of raid units can now promote members of the unit to leader status.

Three new locations: McDougan gamemaster room, Kilwittig Theatre. and Egyptian Exhibition are opened, with 15 new ghosts, 1 new special edition magic potion (Moormist — purple), new contract (Assistant Chip Dale) documents, and molding pieces for a new magic circle, Wax pyramids.

The raiding cooldown is now 23 hours.

20 January 2010 The Etheral ghost is now known as the Ethereal ghost, the Misty etheral ghost is now known as the Misty ethereal ghost and the Etheral cow as the Ethereal cow.

10 January 2010 The Daily rewards are introduced. For incentives, four contracts are available: Selena Darkblade, Countess Wilhelmina, Lorelle, and Nurse Chapham. Two new mocktails are also available: Midnight rider and Midnight smash. And two Companions are also available: the Ghost fox and the Ghost owl. All items are also available for donation.

The donations page has been re-written to accommodate the new items that are available for donations.

The previously time-limited companions have been brought back into general circulation.

4 January 2010 Ghost Trapper donations can now be accomplished through Cherry Credits, an Asia-based payment system.

2 January 2010 Three new magic circles are introduced: Quartz crystal array, Lava lamps, and Little Stonehenge. Players can each select one mechanism as an anniversary present.

2 January 2010 Happy anniversary Ghost Trappers!

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